Dodgers Season On The Line : Do or Die Tonight In Tinseltown

Well, the Dodgers won a franchise record 106 games in 2021 and yet here we are, the National League Wild Card Game. One of the worst advancements in Major League Baseball was having two wild card teams and having this one game playoff. The only sport on God’s green earth that plays a marathon long season and then makes two “playoff” teams square off in a one-game playoff, fundamentally makes zero sense. All of you asswipes out there who are saying I am just complaining because my team is in this situation are sadly mistaken, ask M3 about my thoughts on this, I have been screaming from the rooftops forever about this.

Regardless, we have an opportunity to make this season seem worthwhile, with a loss tonight it will feel like a complete an utter failure but if we can win and square off against the Giants then this season will have been 100% worth it. I am classically pessimistic when it comes to my favorite teams, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers, but there are two reasons to feel comfortable about tonight. Those two reasons, Dodger Stadium and Max Scherzer – the Dodgers won nearly 60 of the 81 games at the Ravine this season and sense joining the Dodgers Max Scherzer has been unreal, he is also one of the best big game pitchers of our generation, so there is cause for some optimism.

Max Muncy is out for the Dodgers and that’s a tremendous loss for this Dodgers lineup who normally feasts on right handed pitching, without Muncy, Dave Roberts will have to decide on either Cody Bellinger, Albert Pujols or the long-shot Matt Beaty at first base. Who knows how Roberts will find a way to screw this up but if I was making the lineup tonight here is what it would look like:

1. Mookie Betts – RF
2. Trea Turner – 2B
3. Corey Seager – SS
4. Justin Turner – 3B
5. Will Smith – C
6. AJ Pollock – LF
7. Cody Bellinger – CF
8. Albert Pujols – 1B
9. Max Scherzer – P

This gives you Chris Taylor on the bench who can come in and play infield or outfield in the later stages of the game, you can use Matt Beaty to replace Pujols or if you need a home run threat late in the game and I think it brings a sense of calm having Pujols in the lineup to start this game. Bellinger is the best defensive outfielder on this team and maybe one of the best in all of baseball, he needs to patrol centerfield despite his lack of offensive success this season, he could still run into a homerun but primarily defense is the focus. Adam Wainwright will be on the mound for St. Louis but Pujols splits are nearly identical with righties and lefties so I don’t think the RHP vs Pujols makes that big if any of a difference.

The success of this game rests on the right arm of Max Scherzer who needs to pitch late into this game and demoralize St. Louis, I think the Dodgers will eventually score so Scherzer keeping the Cardinals quiet is key. The 2-4 spots in the order won’t be easy, the Cardinals will send Goldschmidt, O’Neill and Arenado to the plate who combined for over 100 home runs this season. If Scherzer keeps them off base, the Dodgers win this game. Plain and simple.

Look, no two ways about it, I hate this game, I hate a one game playoff and if the Dodgers lose remember I am going to be a father soon so you should really watch what you say to me and not be mean, again, i’m going to be a father soon.

So, in order to get this train rolling and the hype session started…. RANDY CUE THE MUSIC!