The New York Giants SUCK AGAIN

GROUNDHOG DAY ALL OVER AGAIN! Welcome to another edition of the New York Football Giants suck. The franchise I have loved the longest have gotten to a point that is tough to watch. I am cancelling this season after two games, yes, they might win at home against Atlanta this week but it will just be a nut sac tease because here is the schedule following the Falcons game :

@ New Orleans – Absolute beatdown
@ Dallas – Another shit kicking
vs Rams – Might lose by 100
vs Panthers – Probably a loss
vs Raiders – Most likely a loss
@ Buccaneers – (Clears throat) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
vs Eagles – High probability of losing
@ Dolphins – Not an easy victory
@ Chargers – Thumped
vs Cowboys – Won’t be a walk in the park
@ Eagles – Not going to be easy
@ Bears – Maybe?
vs Washington – Another maybe?

The Giants might lose every game, like I know you think this is hyperbole but this week against Atlanta is one of the only games we have a chance to win, so this is our Super Bowl week. Let me tell all you idiots out there, Daniel Jones is not going to be the savior of this franchise, hes not going to be good, he turns the ball over too much he is ZERO for SIX in prime time games, 0 wins, 6 losses. BUM! The people who have the nerve to criticize Darius Slayton for not making that wide open catch are dumb, Slayton is wide open about to seal the deal, Jones needs to put the ball on him and end the game, instead they end up losing in a game that good quarterbacks close out, a typical bullshit post-coughlin era team, no discipline and no real chance to do any good throughout the season.

This sucks that you wait all summer for football season to be here and then in two weeks the dream is as dead as knock off lump crab meat sitting on your favorite dish at the Red Lobster. I am not ready to pull the rip cord on Joe Judge just yet, I loved the hire when it happened and I think he should get at least two years with the Quarterback he wants, I am not sure that Daniel Jones is that guy. Judge comes from the Saban and Belichick coaching tree and one thing those guys can’t stand is turnovers, something that Daniel Jones is the best at, turnovers and we ain’t talking apple turnovers boys and girls. Get jones out of town and give Judge three years with his QB and then if it isn’t working we can have a conversation. Until Daniel Jones is gone, let’s go Dodgers and HAIL TO THE VICTORS!