Time To Rip The Books Heart Out Pt. 1 : College Picks Are Here

I am making moves, my back was up against the wall and I dropped my symbolic nutbag on the table and hit with FSU and Ole Miss to give me another winning weekend in the 2020 Football season. If you are keeping track at home, we have had two weeks, two winning weeks and we are up fourteen and a half units for the season.

Look, I don’t wan’t to brag but the outrageous success I had at March Madness (for the record breaking 5 out of 6 tournaments, only one where we didn’t dominate was when a global pandemic shutdown the tournament) is making me consider doing this as a full time profession, that’s how good I am. People all over the place will tell you how great they are at picking the games but I am the BOOKS WORST NIGHTMARE, aside from Baseball, because I suck out loud at that.

The week zero slate of College Ball wasn’t anything impressive but it was amazing to have football back but the week one slate was absolutely fantastic. We have a bit of a letdown in term of marquee matchups this week but we still have enough to get us hyped. Not to mention, we have the NFL starting on Thursday so this is an absolute wonderful feeling, it is like an early Christmas.

We have football getting rolling and pennant race baseball all on the same weekend, solidifying the face that this is the best time of year for sports in my humble opinion. There are few things better than waking up early, getting to the golf course, finishing your round and heading to the grocery store, loading up and sitting your ass on the couch for the next 36 hours, doing nothing but eating, gambling and watching football. PEPPER NEEDS NEW SHORTS!

Here we go, lets get our College Football picks locked and loaded for this upcoming weekend:

Western Kentucky vs Army : Over 53.5
– These two teams put up huge numbers last week, Army laid a 40 spot on Georgia State in an absolute beatdown and Western Kentucky laid a near 60 double chee’ burger on UTM. Look, these teams might not be able to sustain big numbers all year long and maybe we are looking at a letdown from the offensive output from last week but the 53.5 seems to low, I think Western Kentucky can get to 35 by themself and Army is too good to be blown out here so lets get that over in the bag.

Tulsa vs Oklahoma State : Oklahoma State -13.5
– Both of these teams looked like flabby booty cheeks in week one but in the battle for Oklahoma I don’t see Mike Gundy and the Cowboys being upstaged at home by a lesser Tulsa team. I think we get an offensive explosion from Oklahoma State and Tulsa is incapable of keeping up. Okie Dokie State in a blowout.

Oregon vs Ohio State : Oregon +14
– I hate Ohio State. I have a baby duck named Lucy. You do the math. GO DUCKS.

Rutgers vs Syracuse : Rutgers -2.5
– This might be the pick of the day, Syracuse is a below average football team and Schiano has Rutgers playing an all new brand of football. The Dome can be intimidating but not in this scenario, this will be a fun old-school North East Football battle royale. I’m looking forward to this one, lay the points with the Scarlet Knights.

Toledo vs Notre Dame : Notre Dame -16.5
– Don’t overthink this, Notre Dame barely beat Florida State, Brian Kelly said his team should be executed, he is two wins away from having the most wins in the history of Notre Dame, yes, Brian Kelly will be the winningest coach in the history of the most storied college football program. This is Notre Dame’s home-opener and they are going to lay the hammer down, don’t think, just throw and take the Irish.

UAB vs Georgia : +26.5
– Georgia is going to come out fired up and ready to prove a point, unfortunately, University of Alabama Birmingham is one of the most overlooked programs in the country. For the last few years they have been a solid football team, I don’t think they have a prayer of winning this game but I think they keep this relatively close and cover the big spread.

Buffalo vs Nebraska : Buffalo +13.5
-Nebraska stinks, people don’t watch Buffalo and assume they suck, they don’t. They can score points against everyone, I almost am tempted to take Buffalo on the Moneyline here but be safe and take the points.

California vs TCU : TCU -10
– Cal is going to have a tough time this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t think TCU is the greatest team of all time but I think they have enough fire power to take down Cal and it isn’t going to be relatively close, TCU is tough at home and they show how tough here.

Texas vs Arkansas : Texas -6.5
– This is my pick of the week, Texas. Texas. Texas.

Washington vs Michigan : Michigan -6.5
– HAIL TO THE VICTORS! Welcome to the Big House, this is real football Washington, this isn’t the PAC12 baby ball this is B1G Football and you are in a world of hurt. 110,000 screaming drunken lunatics will be cheering the Wolverines onto victory and putting Michigan in the top 25 and focusing on a date with B1G rivals as the season gets started. A big win for Harbaugh and his young Michigan team.

I will be back with Week 1 NFL picks!