ProcrastiNation Princess & I Are Becoming Parents

*** This blog has been sitting in drafts for a few months but here you go, thanks everybody***

The biggest news in my life aside from breaking my personal best 18-hole score (shot a 74 the other day, no big deal) is that I am becoming a Dad, yes, the BlogFather of ProcrastiNation Sports is becoming a Father to a human being, pretty wild stuff.

I don’t know really what this blog is going to be about, perhaps my various emotions and feelings about becoming a Dad, I know that it won’t feel real until I am actually holding him. Yes, it’s a boy! The Italian surname that I have been bestowed with will live for yet another generation. It’s a surreal feeling when your wife comes and tells you that she is pregnant, I for one didn’t feel any nervousness or trepidation, I felt a feeling that is indescribable and it probably will be surpassed the day my son is born but for now, it was a feeling of the greatest joy that I have ever experienced, something that I didn’t know was possible. My wife told me not to tell anyone that early in the process so naturally about 27 seconds later I texted my best-friend Steve, the future godfather of my son to tell him the news, a moment that will live in my memory forever.

For some reason, I thought we were having a girl, I was convinced of it. My bride insisted on doing a gender reveal… so even though I can’t stand those fucking things I reluctantly agreed and said I would hit a golf ball and watch it explode into pink dust. Plot twist, I bashed the balls brains in on a sunny day by the ocean and a puff of blue smoke emerged signaling that we would be having a boy, complete shock and for the first time, nervousness. Why you ask? Why would having a son signal my sense of nervousness and anxiety almost immediately, most fathers describe that moment as pure and unfiltered joy. The truth of the matter is, I don’t have a relationship with my father, and that’s my choice at this point and for years, my father didn’t talk to his father. I have thought about reconciling with my father and at this point I have no ill will towards him but that relationship is just not good for me and my well being at this point. So, in lies the anxiety that I felt, can my son and I break the ugly tradition in my family, I pray to God that will happen. With saying all that, I know that deep down I wanted a son, I knew that it would bring me joy and it has. The process of getting ready and buying things for my little guy has been so much fun.

I can’t shoutout my bride enough, she is a fucking rock star. She has been dealing with some sickness during the pregnancy and she has been so tough, strong and we got a phenomenal report that everything is healthy with mommy and baby as we head toward the third and final trimester. She’s going to be such an amazing mother and I am so excited to watch her be the mother that every little boy deserves. I am going to be there and hope I don’t screw too much up and hopefully figure out how to change a diaper within the next few months.

In addition to that, my wife and I have decided to move back to where we grew up and I am so excited to raise our boy in a place that we are familiar with, surrounded by friends and I can bring our son to places that shaped us when we were growing up. It’s what’s best for our new family. We are going to make the move back there next year and the process has already started, so to say the least, we have a lot on our plate but it’s an incredible feeling. We tend to make big life changes in bunches so this follows our trend. With all of this, I am sure you can understand why we had a little bit of a summer vacation from the ProcrastiNation blog and podcasting.

For the last three and a half years I have tried to become a better man, better person, better husband and to stay sober. I am far from perfect but I am working hard everyday, I got sober for my wife and I am staying sober for our boy. I am so excited for my wife and I and the next chapter in our lives. Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!

P.S. any parenting advice or good dad jokes are welcome in the comments.

Double P.S. I am fat and already crushing the Dad Bod look so no need to give me advice on that.