Dodgers Need To Figure It Out Immediately – Trade Deadline Is Do Or Die

It’s approaching August and the Dodgers just blew three games in the late innings to the rival, first place San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers sit three games behind the division leader and frankly there are glaring problems and things need to be addressed in an urgent manner.

Kenley Jansen has been in the Dodgers organization for over a decade but let’s be frank, when your closer gives up a dozen of runs and blows three saves in three attempts we should probably sit back and begin to assess the situation. In addition to that, we got a scumbag who is still on the roster that needs to be released, Kershaw has a sore arm, Seager is hurt, Mookie is hurt, Cody Bellinger is a flop and Muncy (our best offensive player) is out on paternity leave all weekend.

Do I have all the answers? No, I do not, but I know that the Dodgers need to be movers and shakers at the trade deadline. I’m not asking for Max Scherzer but we need a solid starting pitcher and we obviously need a top notch reliever and last on the list, a right handed bat would help big time. The only silver lining is that the Dodgers have an easier schedule than most teams down the stretch, they play the shit kicking Diamondbacks and Rockies a combined 24 times and they need to win at least 18 of those games. They also have series with the Pirates, Phillies and Cardinals who are all mediocre at best, those are ten games that need to be won. That’s 34 games, and in my estimation the Dodgers have to go at minimum 22-12. If they can do that, they will have a chance to climb out of this three game hole and take back the division from the Giants. At this stage in the game, the concern with San Diego is minimal, it’s the Giants that are the main thorn in our side and the Dodgers would have to pull a complete and utter choke job to lose the Wild Card lead and have to go on the road for that game.

It all starts tonight against Colorado, a weekend series that will jump start this team or push us even further into the shit hole. David Price has transitioned back into a starting role and the Dodgers will rely on him for the remainder of the season. I don’t want to have to transition into football season just yet so for old times sake, lets CUE THE MUSIC RANDY!!!!