Eli & Peyton Become The Most Electric Broadcasting Duo In The History Of The Civilized World

Happy summer procrastinators, we have not left, we have not retired, we are all taking some much needed R&R and enjoying our summer vacation. The good news is that “The Corner Booth” and “The Scorsone Show” our two podcasts from the ProcrastiNation Podcast Network will return the week of August 2nd! In addition, we will have all new ProcrastiNation Sports merchandise and apparel coming to you this fall.

Our vacation was supposed to last until the aforementioned date but when the First Family of Football drops a nuclear missile in your lap on a Monday morning, you have to react. Disney (ESPN / ABC) aka the greatest company in human history has come to an agreement with Peyton Manning and Omaha Productions. The deal is centered around an alternate Monday Night Football telecast that will feature Peyton … AND ELI MANNING from a remote location with celebrity guests, former NFL legends and current NFL players. The dup will call 10 games each season starting this season and lasting through the 2023 NFL season, hopefully after that we will get them calling all the games and MNF will have a return to glory. MNF has been horrendous for two thirds of my 28 years here on earth and has been overshadowed by Sunday Night Football since it conceptualized on NBC.

The alternate MNF broadcast will air on ESPN2 and has the potential to be cast on ESPN+, ABC online and Disney+. Omaha Productions, the company that Peyton Manning launched earlier this year is making a big splash early and I wouldn’t be shocked if Eli and Peyton get better ratings than the ESPN/ABC MNF Broadcast featuring Steve Levy, Brain Griese and Louis Riddick. Look, no shit needed to be thrown at Levy and Griese – they were phenomenal calling college football on ABC and I think that duo with Louis Riddick (Riddick is insanely intelligent and knows the front office and draft process better than anyone) would be well suited for a return to Saturday football, but until then they will be losing a ratings war with Eli and Peyton, no doubt in my mind.

I am a die-hard Manning guy so for somebody like me this will be must watch television, this alternate broadcast will be the primary broadcast for many NFL fans by years end. Think about it, MNF has been curb stomped in the ratings by SNF, they should try and spice it up with a different version of a telecast. That’s what they have here, yes, they are calling it an “alternate broadcast” but this is the first step in the big brain of Mickey Mouse to force out the regular, same old same old broadcast and invigorate MNF with the Manning Brothers, doing a laid back, fun broadcast for years to come.

SIDE NOTE : YouTube doesn’t allow us to post videos into the threads anymore cause Roger Goodell and the NFL were unhappy with our articles bashing him for being a terrible human being so here’s the link