The NL West Is A Real Division … Dodgers In Trouble

As we are rapidly approaching the 2021 All Star Break, Dodger fans around the world, including myself are dealing with the harsh reality that we are playing in the best division in baseball and the division title is in serious jeopardy. I won’t sit here and use the injury excuse, that’s sports, the Dodgers have had key guys out for major chunks of this season, Bellinger, Seager, Muncy, Pollock, May (out for the year) so it hasn’t been an easy road but every team deals with that sort of the thing. The fact of the matter is that the Dodgers have lost back to back games to San Diego and sit in second place in the division, three games behind the San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers hold a one game lead over San Diego for second place.

The Giants, Dodgers and Padres have the three best records in the National League and if you look over in the American League, the Oakland A’s are playing good ball making California the place to be for good baseball, despite the under achieving Los Angeles Angels of California at Anaheim. For the first time all season, I can admit it, I am worried about the Dodgers winning this division. For some reason, I have a bad feeling about the way this season is shaking out. I have said all along that I think this team would win the division by no less than 8 games, well it’s getting late early and the Dodgers haven’t been on a solid winning streak since late April and now we are getting our teeth kicked in by the Padres back to back nights, this was a series that could have demoralized San Diego and instead it has invigorated them, meanwhile the Giants win what seems like every game they step foot on the field. Part of me thinks that the slipper will eventually fall off Cinderella, I firmly believed that the Giants couldn’t keep this up all season and yet they are proving me and the rest of the baseball world wrong.

The saving grace for the Dodgers is that they get to demolish the Diamondbacks and Rockies which should keep them a float the rest of the season and eventually they will have to find a way to beat the Padres and Giants. Here is the Dodgers remaining schedule leading up to the All-Star break:

That’s eighteen games and my feeling is that the Dodgers need to go 13-5 and head into the All-Star break with a lot of momentum, that’s the mission, 13-5. Getting Muncy back tonight helps and the Dodgers will send Trevor Bauer to the mound who has been an absolute stud. We can’t have Randy hit the music yet, we need more wins.