Scors Is Glued To The Couch : Sunday Sports Extravaganza (Live Blog)

What a day this is going to be, especially for me. I put a wager on Phil Mickelson to win the PGA Championship and we are now looking at Phil having a one shot lead after 54 holes, in less than an hour Phil and that piece of garbage Brooks Koepka will tee it up for the final 18 holes at the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

I have been a Phil fan forever and aside from John Daly, Phil is my favorite golfer of all-time so I would be pulling for Lefty regardless but DraftKings will make everything more interesting and here we are staring down the barrel of a Scrooge McDuck money pit type of pay-out.

In addition to the excitement with the golf, the New York Knicks are playing their first playoff game in nearly a decade, they are home, in the. one and only Garden where they will square up against the Atlanta Hawks in front of fans in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. As I mentioned when Ian Anderson tried to beat me in Game 7 of the NLCS, I don’t lose to anyone from Clifton Park, NY, we are Troy TOUGH, so Kevin Huerter and the cute baby chirping Hawks are going done.

Then we transition to the hottest team in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers who have won 9 of their last 10 and look to sweep the inner-state rival, San Francisco Giants with Julio Urias on the bump.

Stay tuned to this blog as we will be blogging live throughout this glorious day of sports.

Update: Terrible start for Phil on number one but he rebounds quickly with a birdie and a big swing of momentum to retake the lead. That was the type of rebound that was desperately needed. Koepka is currently putting for a bogey and it’s lengthy … he has … missed it and Phil all of a sudden is up by two strokes as Kevin Streelman is looking lost on the short par 4.

Update: Phil chickened out on the short part 4 third hole and hit a ball into the rough and then shanked his second shot so we are looking at another big swing here as Koepka can breath on his birdie putt and it will go in. More bad news, Phil bladed his chip and looks like me out on the course. Streelman has a good look at birdie on the 5th to get him back to -6. All of a sudden, Gary Woodland has climbed up the leaderboard and now sits at -4, he is currently playing the 7th hole. Phil has a thirty footer to save par, he hasn’t made any long putts all week and this putt is no different, he is one rotation short and taps in for his bogey, moving him back to -6 for the tournament. Koepka MISSES, unreal miss! Phil will hold onto the lead by the skin of his teeth.

Update: Phil absolutely stripes his tee shot, Koepka also in good shape on the fourth. Streelman misses his birdie putt on the 4th and stays one shot behind Phil. Last years champion Colin Morikawa taps in for parr to finish the tournament -1 and sits at a tie for 16th place. Woodland shanks his third shot like an amateur at a pitch and putt and is in a tough spot at the 8th hole. The back nine is going to be traitorous as the wind is shifting to make life a living hell as we come down the stretch later this afternoon and into the evening.

Update: Phils approach shot comes up short and he is going to have a thirty footer for birdie, Koepka also comes up short. The commentators are saying Phil looks sluggish and is looking for energy and I tend to agree, he is hanging his head and doesn’t seem to be in any type of groove, he needs to make a putt or stuff a shot to get the crowd roaring, the crowd is clearly pulling for Phil at an enormous rate. Streelman and Louis O both with bad tee shots at the par 5 5th. Woodland has made bogey and will drop a stroke. Phil comes up short with his birdie attempt and will have a three footer for par.

Update: Paul Casey has entered the chat at -3 through seven holes. Koepka blows his birdie putt past the cup and will have a six footer coming up the hill for par. Oosthuizen and Streelman both have substantial par putts at the fifth. Koepka makes his par to stay at -5 and Phil follows suit staying at -6.

Update: Louis O misses the par putt and his putting woes continue as he drops a stroke. Patrick Cantlay who is on the 10th hole has a four footer for birdie to go to -3 and join Sungjae IM at the players who are climbing up the leaderboard and coming out of completely nowhere on this Sunday at the PGA Championship.

Update: Koepka’s tee shot is within 10 feet of the pin at the par 3 and will have a good look at birdie. Phil’s tee shot is terrible and goes way left and finds himself in the bunker and my poop meter is starting to go way way up.
Mickelson -6
Koepka -5
Streelman -5
Oosthuizen -4
Harrington -3
Cantlay -3
IM -3


Update: Bad tee shot from Phil and his ball is buried in the rough. Koepka’s tee shot finds the flat sand dune, no official bunkers on this course, just sand patches if you will, it changes some of the traditional rules of grounding your club, practice swings etc. also this is the first major championship in history where scopes or rangefinders are being permitted.

Update: Streelman makes a lengthy par putt to stay at -5 and continues to grind and stay in the fight. Phil gets to his ball and it is buried in a forest of rough, any amateur golfer would chunk this ball about 11 feet in front of them, the camera can’t even pick up the ball that’s how buried we are talking. This becomes a hole where we have to play for par it looks like, unless he can pull of a hero shot, he continues to stand over it and step back and his second shot is way right of the green, going to be a struggle for par.

Update: Koepka stuffs his second shot and will have a two foot birdie putt. Phil has a terrible lie and leaves his chip shot short and will have a long par putt, another potential two shot swing upcoming with Phil and Brooks. Phil continues to struggle with long putts and taps in for bogey, Brooks taps in for birdie and we are all tied through six.

Update: Koepka blasts driver into the short rough on the 579 yard par 5. Mickelson is obviously pulling driver and has hit teed up super high, looking to play a big draw and he launches an absolute missile into the fairway and he might have a chance to get home in two, this is a big sequence coming up. Cantlay has a birdie putt coming up and if he makes he will go to -4 through 11, making him a contender in the blink of an eye. Oosthuzien has a tap in birdie putt to go to -5. Streelman is struggling to make par and could drop another stroke but he hits a great recovery shot with a chance to save his par.

Update: Mickelson and Koepka are waiting an eternity for Louis and Streelman to get off of the green. Streelman makes a terrible stroke and misses his par putt while Cantlay just misses birdie and will tap in for par. Phil has about 270 to the green, Koepka has about 285 and Koepka pulls three wood that is blasted into the right thick rough and could be blocked out from a potential green side third shot. Phil has a two wood in his hands and is going for the green … his shot goes right but gets pass the tree that blocks out on the green and will have a hole high chip attempt into the green.

Update: Koepka chips short into the rough and will have to work to save par, shockingly the par 5’s have been the biggest struggle for Koepka thus far. He has an up hill chip from the rough to the short side of the green where the pin is located in the back right of the green, this is a nightmare shot for any amateur in the world. The high flop rolls to the back fringe and will have a long attempt at par. Phil, the greatest short game player of all time has a decent lie in the rough, the grass is thick and Phil has a 60 degree opened all the way up, he leaves it short and will have an eight footer for birdie. Koepka has a down wind p24 foot par attempt …. he lips out and will leave him with a four footer coming back up, it’s not automatic by any means. Meanwhile, Cantlay hits a tremendous approach shot and has a look for birdie. Phil BURIES the BIRDIE and goes to -7! PHIL THE THRILL. Koepka makes par. The third two shot swing with the final pairing.

Mickelson -7
Koepka -5
Oosthuizen -5
Streelman -4
Cantlay -3

Update: The 191 yard par 3 – Phil has made par all three previous days on this hole, 16 MPH winds from West to North East and Phil puts it hole high and will have a 20 footer for birdie. Louis O has smoked driver nearly out of bounds and this left to right wind his tough for the right handed players, might serve well for Phil down the stretch. Koepka on the par 3 hits a dart at the pin and will have 10 feet for birdie.

Update: Phil and Koepka both make par, no change in the leaderboard as we head to the final hole of the front nine for the final group. Streelman in trouble at the 9th as he finds the backside bunker. Phil blasts driver into the right side rough and is going to have a long hole remaining, meanwhile, IM and Cantlay are running out of steam on the back nine, IM is in the water and Cantlay missed a very makable birdie putt. Streelman with a solid bunker shot has a chance to save par upcoming.

Update: Louis O knocks in his par putt to finish the front nine at even par and remains at -5. Streelman misses the par and makes his bogey putt to drop him to -3 and shoots 37 on the front. Padraig Harrington finishes with a final round 69 to put him at -2 for the tournament. IM makes a rough double bogey and now goes to -1. Phil has a five iron in his hand from 190 and hits an absolute beauty of a shot and will have 15 feet for birdie. Koepka playing out of the sandy area, again, no bunkers this week, just sandy areas.

Update: Koepka takes an unreal swipe at it and climbs out of the sand area with his bad knee, he will have a 35 footer for birdie. Cantlay has a long look at par and is in danger of dropping another stroke which would make this, what seems to be a four man tournament with Phil, Koepka, Louis O and Streelman.

Update: Dodgers looking to go for the sweep in San Francisco, lead 3-0 after Julio Urias doubles scoring Tsutsgo and Matt Beaty. Tsutsgo also had an RBI knock earlier in the inning. Still early in the ballgame, top 2.

Update: Koepka misses the birdie and will have about four feet to save par. Cantlay misses the par and will head to 14 at -2. Phil has a makable birdie putt here and this would go a long way if it drops … Phil misses and the wind pushes the ball to about four feet and Mickelson and Koepka will have identical putts going up the hill. Louis O in a potential penalty area with his tee shot at 10.

Update: Koepka in for par to remain at -5, 37 on the front nine. Phil’s par putt is very similar to Koepka’s it does have some break and he is taking a long time looking over it … makes par and heads to the back nine up two shots.

Update: Louis O is holding up play waiting for a rules official, his ball is completely buried and it will take a herculean effort to get the ball out of the sand area he is in. Streelman is hacking the ball down the fairway and this is a rough look for the second to last final group of the day while Phil and Koepka wait on the tee box for about 10 minutes now. The rules official has said he can not get relief and Louis O will punch it out into the fairway, an actual great shot considering the circumstances. Paul Casey has re-entered the chat with a 30 foot birdie make and is now at -2 through 13, he will need to birdie at least two of the last five holes to have a realistic shot, remember the back nine is going to play even tougher than it did earlier in the day, the wind is picking up.

Update: Dodgers add two more runs and now lead 5-0, looking to win their 10th game in their last eleven attempts. Streelman and Louis O both have 12 foot par putts. Phil’s tee shot at the 10th hole is smothered into the ocean breeze and is right down the middle of the fairway, nearly 300 yards into the wind, no big deal. Meanwhile, Koepka has smoked the driver way left and got lucky with a soft bounce, his ball stays in the first cut of rough.

Update: The Giants are letting Julio Urias hit balls all over the lot, he is 2-2 with 3 RBI’s and six of the last seven Dodgers have reached base and they now lead 10-0 after a Gavin Lux GRAND SALAMI!!!! His second Grand Slam in the last month, I might have to stop bad mouthing him. Streelman misses his par putt and taps in for bogey to go to-2, slowly falling out of the tournament championship, he has never had a top ten finish at a major. Louis O also misses his par putt and falls to -4.

Update: Don’t look now but we might have an ol’ fashion golfing duel between Phil and Koepka as the remainder of the field continues to fall, but there is a TON of golf left.

Update: Koepka from the rough has a chance to put some pressure on Phil and he hits a six iron into the green side sand area and he will have a short side sand shot. Charlie Hoffman makes an eagle putt at 16 to go to -1 for the tournament and will need two birdie the final two holes and hope for disaster from the top of the leaderboard. Phil BURIES his approach shot and will have five feet for birdie on the 10th.

Update: Phil for birdie … BANG! BANG! BANG! -8 for Phil the Thrill! The crowd is loving it. Koepka misses the par putt and will drop to -4. Phil is now up four shots and the fifth two shot swing between Phil and Koepka.

Update: As we approach the par 5 11th the wind is whipping at 20 MPH and Phil has pulled the big dog to try and bomb this out there and apply even more pressure to the rest of the field. His tee shot is blasted way left and will be in the rough but the miss won’t kill him but he won’t be able to get there in two. Koepka’s tee shot is scorched down the middle and will have an outside chance of getting home in two but seems highly unlikely with the amount of wind that is swirling.

Update: Streelman in for birdie and climbs up the leaderboard to -3. Crowd favorite, everyman golfer, Harry Higgs makes par at the 17th and remains at -2 putting him in a tie for fifth, obviously big time money implications on the line. Phil’s ball was picked up and dropped by a spectator so he got to re-drop and he has a much better lie than he originally had, his second shot is a stinger down the fairway and will have a wedge into the green. Koepka’s second shot is into another sandy area short of the green and he is going to have a very tough sand shot, he tried to go for the green to put some pressure on Phil and it never had a chance of getting to the green, 270 yards into 20 MPH wind. Cantlay has a chance to go to -3 and into a tie for fourth, he has a five foot birdie putt.

Update: Koepka is struggling with the Par 5’s all day long and at this point, if you told me I could sign up for Phil to make par on every hole to finish, I would probably take my chances. Phil’s brother and caddy, Tim has agreed that the nine iron is the club and the determination was correct but Phil got it off the toe and will have a long birdie putt. Cantlay misses the putt and puts a fork in his championship hopes at this current juncture.

Update: Koepka’s ball is sitting up nicely in the sanded area and he will have what appears to be an easy sand shot into the green, his approach is short and rolls down the hill and it will now be a task to make par. Streelman on the long par 4 has hit a beauty of a shot and will have an 8 foot birdie putt.

Update: This is the 456th Major Championship in the history of golf and Phil Mickelson would become the oldest player to ever win a major if he can hold on down the stretch, Phil is 50 years old. Koepka has a very good chip up the hill and will have a chance to save par. Louis O has a shot at birdie to go to -5 and still have a realistic chance at winning this tournament. Phil’s country mile of a birdie putt nearly goes in and he will mark his ball at about 3.5 feet out, to save his par. Koepka misses par and his terrible putting continues and he drops to -3. Streelman misses and taps in for par. Phil for par … makes it, stays at -8. Louis O makes par and goes into second place by himself at -5.

Mickelson -8
Oosthuizen -5
Koepka -3
Streelman -3

Update: Phil stripes a 2-wood right down the middle and the temp and determination according to Sir Nick Faldo seems to be with Lefty. Koepka pushes the ball left and into trouble and the wheels looks to be falling off for Koepka. Rickie Fowler into the top five with a birdie at the sixteenth hole and is now at -2.

Update: Dodgers lead 11-0 and Louis O in the thick rough off the tee at 13. Phil and Tim are deliberating on what club to use into the green and he hits a beauty to about 20 feet, phenomenal caddy and player conversation. Louis O found his ball and chips out and will now need to work to save par.

Update: Louis O into the water and is now in serious trouble to stay in contention for the tournament. Phil for a long birdie and it comes up just short, he will have a tap in par to stay at -8. Phil has been working to try and get exemption at the U.S. Open and with a win here at the PGA Championship, Phil would get automatic exemption to the next five U.S. Open tournaments, the one major that he has yet to win.

Update: Phil down the middle, Koepka nearly out of bounds. Louis O has collapsed and now drops to -3 and Phil has a five shot lead as we are in the fairway on 13. Like I said earlier, I would sign up for the par train down the stretch because at this point I think -8 is going to be more than enough to win this golf tournament. Koepka has smoked another ball way left and is in a lot of trouble to save par. Fowler comes up short with the birdie and him and Paul Casey are in a tie with Lowry, Higgs and Streelman at -2 which is all of a sudden, tied for fourth.

Update: ABSOLUTE DISASTER! Phil had an entire green to work with and put it into the water and now bogey would be a tremendous success. Koepka duffs his chip out of the sand and will drop another stroke and potentially in the zone for a double bogey which would help Phil out in a major way. Phil will drop on the edge of the green so he will have a realistic chance at bogey. Koepka’s chip is perfect and he will have a short bogey putt. Phil’s par putt comes up just short and bogey is a victory in this situation.

Mickelson -7
Oosthuizen -3
Koepka -2
Harrington -2
Fowler -2

Update: Phil is currently sitting with a four shot lead with five holes to play, this par 3 is massive in determining how this championship finishes. The 16th hole is the most dangerous hold on the course and Phil’s focus needs to be to have a four or five shot lead going into sixteen so he can play it as safe as humanly possible. Phil seems calm, cool and collected as he discusses his tee shot with his brother. His tee shot is short and he will have a tough up the hill chip shot, he thought he struck it perfectly but the wind is picking up and making things difficult, we hit 6:00PM on the east coast.

Update: Phil has a look at par on the 14th, in danger of dropping another shot … he pulls it right and drops another shot and now leads Oosthuizen by only three shots and Koepka trails by four with four holes to play.

Update: Louis O nearly buried a thirty footer but just falls short and he will tap in and head to the 16th hole still trailing three behind Phil. Koepka slams his driver down the pipe and as Koepka still battles injury, he still remains in this tournament, especially with the two shot swings we have seen thus far, five already. Phil spanks a driver and starts walking after it as this ball is rolling down the fairway for what seems like forever. Louis O on the 16th crushes a driver on 16th and will have a chance to reach in two.

Update: Louis O with an incredible shot to have 12 feet for eagle and my pants are full of poop. Koepka sticks it to two feet and Phil now suddenly needs to make this birdie putt or I am going to start to feel nervous for this first time in hours. The crowd is awaiting to erupt for Phil … this is the biggest putt Phil has had since the 2013 Open Championship … he leaves the birdie putt short and now taps in for par. At the moment he sits three up but Louis has an eagle chance to make this real damn interesting. Koepka’s birdie putt is a no doubter and he cuts the lead to three shots with three to play.

Update: Louis O just misses the eagle and taps in for birdie and now is only two back of Phil. Phil answers the bell and smokes one down the middle on the short par 5 16th and the tough part is now out of the way and this hole is very getable if you find the fairway.

Update: The 231 yard, Par 3 17th is awaiting Louis O and he trails by two, it seems that he needs to be on the green and have a chance at birdie to make this obtainable. Oosthuizen has been grinding and I respect that, he has struggled and it seems he was out of it and he comes storming back. Obviously I need Phil to win but Louis O is putting up a hell of a fight. His tee shot on 17 is long of the green and the adrenaline but have done him more harm than good, tough chip upcoming. Koepka goes in the sanded area and Phil has the shortest approach shot on 16 all week! He has a chance to put his stamp on this tournament with one swing of the golf club … too much club but not in a bad spot, the greatest short game player of all time will have to get up and down for a big momentum swing.

Update: Koepka has a very makable birdie putt, Phil is on the back of the green with the 60 degree, rolls it to within feet for a very short birdie attempt, he taps in and he leads by three again. Louis O will make his par. Koepka makes his birdie and he moves into a tie for second place and three behind Phil.

Update: Phil is buried in the rough with the water directly behind the green, this is a poopy pants type of shot.He rolls it up and will have a 25 foot par putt. Louis O skys the green and will have to put in a big effort to make par and Phil is looking liking this could be the story of a generation on the PGA tour. Koepka makes par and still remains three back for the moment, it will be a two shot lead going to 18 if Phil misses this par attempt … he misses and leaves himself with a three foot putt, deep breath time here on Scors’ couch.

Update: Koepka makes par and remains at -4. Phil needs to make this putt to hold onto a two shot lead … this is the putt of the day for Phil … he makes it and goes to 18 up two.

Update: Louis finished at -4, an unreal grind out performance all week and he now sits two shots behind Phil. Phil makes the walk to the eighteenth hole and is one hole away from becoming the oldest player in the history of the sport to win a major championship. This has been unreal to watch and this has been such an up and down type of major and this might be the most fun I have ever had watching a golf tournament, that will definitely be true if Phil can hold on. Koepka is in good shape off of the tee and now it’s time for Phil … a fairway finder would go a very long way … he’s pulling the driver, U.S. Open at Winged Foot is playing in my mind and I am in full poop pants mode.

Update: Phil’s drive goes into the gallery …. and here we go, I might vomit.

Update: The ball is in a better spot than anticipated, he needs to think that a par wins this tournament, if Koepka’s second shot is within birdie range then we are dealing with a whole new story. Reminder, there have been FIVE 2-shot swings between this group so far today.

Update: Phil has to go first, in an ideal world we would have Koepka go first but Phil now has to hit one of the biggest shots of his life in order to pull the greatest upset in Major Championship history. Phil dials it home!!! WHAT A SHOT!! He is being rushed by the crowd and can now two putt from fifteen feet to win the 2021 PGA Championship. Koepka puts it to ten feet as the crowd rushes the fairway and swarms Phil, walking beside him as the crowd chants PHIL! PHIL! PHIL! This is an unreal scene, they have lost control and this is a bigger scene than when Tiger was followed by all those people walking up the fairway.

Update: My favorite golfer (tied with John Daly) of all time is about to give me one more exciting golf memory. This is an unreal performance from the second greatest golfer of his generation, the guy that is easy to root for, a man of the people now can two putt his way to his sixth major championship. Koepka misses his birdie putt and then taps in for par and finishes in a tie for second place.