Knicks Lose Heartbreaker; Logjam in Eastern Conference

I would first like to say that I am sorry that Mulraney has officially retired from west coast trips. As a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, west coast games are a part of the day, I usually get to bed around 1AM or so and wake it up at 7:30 – 7:40am it’s not a lot of sleep but you gotta make it happen. The Knicks being on the west coast against the fraud Lakers and cry-baby Bron Bron gave me a wonderful opportunity to lay in bed and have a split screen of the Dodgers and the Knicks.

The Knicks dropped a heartbreaker in overtime and now we are stuck with a potentially wild ending to the NBA season. With last nights loss the Knicks dropped from the 4-seed to the 6-seed because of tie break scenarios with the Hawks and Heat. The Knicks have secured the tie break with the Hawks but the Heat remain a problem. The Knicks, Heat and Hawks all sit at 38-31 in the standings, the Knicks have three games remaining and they finish the season with the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden, the Celtics currently sit at the 7 seed and need to win their next two games against the Cavaliers and Timberwolves to even have a chance at getting out of the play-in round that consists of the 7,8,9 and 10 seed in each conference. The Celtics have the easiest next two games in the history of the NBA perhaps, the T-Wolves and Cavs are terrible and even without Jaylen Brown, neither of these teams should be an issue.

The Knicks on the other hand basically have a magic number of two to avoid the play-in round. A combination of Knicks wins and Celtics losses in the next four games would secure the Knicks a playoff series and avoid the exciting play-in tournament. You obviously don’t want your team in the play in tournament but as an NBA fan, that will be must-see television. The Knicks play the San Antonio Spurs and Charlotte Hornets before meeting the Celtics in the regular season finale on Sunday. As a Knicks fan who has basically never had anything go right for them in terms of NBA fandom, I can 100% see the scenario where the game vs the Celtics becomes everything or nothing, I firmly believe that the Celtics are going to win out leading up the season finale and the Knicks have to play two teams who need to win in order to keep their play in spot secured, it’s a nightmare scenario. The loss to the Lakers last night was big, a win last night would have basically sealed this thing up.

If the Knicks can hold onto their playoff spot as either the six or five seed they will most likely be taking on the Bucks who are secured as the three seed or the Miami Heat who have the drivers seat position to have the four seed. I might be crazy but I would rather play Milwaukee than Miami, the Knicks always struggle against Miami and with the defensive mindset that the Knicks display, I think the Bucks will have a difficult time outside of Giannis. The hope that I have is my buddy J-Bone who has helped us on ProcrastiNation in the past is a die hard Celtic fan and he has abandoned all hope and if he has jumped ship, I like our chances in holding on to this spot and giving Knicks fan the long overdue playoff series that we so desperately deserve.

As a long suffering Knicks fan, it would be fitting for us to fold like a cheap suit in the final four games of the season but I am trying so hard to stay positive because I love this team and the way they have been fighting for the entire season. They are fun to watch, they play hard and they have returned basketball interest to Knicks fans all over the country who have been waiting a decade to see the Knickerbockers back in the playoffs and hearing the Garden rocking.

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