Time to Panic in Tinseltown : Dodgers Suck

It’s really difficult to win baseball games when you can’t score any runs. Some top notch analysis from your mom’s favorite blogger. I am at my wits end with the Dodgers offense and the Dodgers bullpen. Aside from the starting pitching, this team has been a major disappointment. They started out hot and have now hit a major skid and I am not nearly as confidence in this teams ability as I was two weeks ago.

Lets look at some of the stellar batting averages for the Boys in Blue:
Gavin Lux .189
Edwin Rios .093
Luke Raley .206
Will Smith .220

I have seen enough of the Gain Lux and Will Smith experiment, they are not the future of this ball club so let’s trade them while they have some value and get an actual offensive minded second baseman and a catcher who does something right. Will Smith is an average defensive catcher and a below average offensive player so what are we doing here? Let’s go get someone who can actually perform, is Keibert Ruiz that bad that Will Smith is the guy that we go to? Ruiz can’t be that much worse.

The other two guys aren’t even major league baseball players, time for Rios and Raley to go play minor league ball or be flat out released. If I have to watch Edwin Rios attempt to play baseball again, I might rip my eyeballs out with a plastic fork.

The Dodgers starting pitching has been fantastic and they are 16-10, look at these ERA of the five Dodgers starters and then take a second and realize how bad your bullpen and offense needs to be to have a record of 16-10:

Clayton Kershaw – 2.09
Trevor Bauer – 2.48
Walker Buehler – 3.16
Dustin May – 2.53
Julio Urias – 3.23

Every Dodger starter with a sub 3.5 ERA and we find ourselves in second place in the NL West at the end of April, what an absolute joke. Time for Andrew Friedman to take his head out of his ass and realize that many of these projects he’s brought on like Edwin Rios, Jimmy Nelson, Will Smith, Gavin Lux, Luke Raley and David Price can pack their bags and head out of town. There has to be enough value in there to trade off some of this baggage for some proven utility players or a stopper in the bullpen, SOMETHING, give me something other than what I have been forced to watched through 26 games.

Thank Jesus Christ himself for Justin Turner and Corey Seager or the Dodgers might not have scored a run in the last 12 games, no exaggeration. I hate being right all the time, I was begging the Dodgers to re-sign Turner and look at the production that he has unloaded on the 2021 season, .344 with six ding a lings and 20 ribbies. I said we needed to re-sign Corey Seager before this season started because aside from the Mookie Betts deal, I have zero faith in Andrew Friedman and the front office to spend the big bucks on players that we need.

The Dodgers have three more games this weekend with the Brewers and then we will square off against the Cubs and Angels before returning home for nine games against the Mariners, Marlins and Diamondbacks, doesn’t get much easier than that for a home stand. These next nine before the home stand between the Brewers, Angels and Cubs are pivotal for the way this season unfolds. I think we need to be 6-3 or better heading into the home stand.

It’s a sad day when I can’t tell Randy to cue the music – our faces are buried in the asses of the shitbag San Francisco Giants at the end of April, FIGURE IT OUT.