The ProcrastiNation Golf Tour Is Set To Begin

One of the regrets that I have in my life is that I didn’t focus on golf sooner. Growing up, I played golf and had a natural ability, then I decided to try my hand in baseball and gave up my summers from the age of 15 all the way through college and that extended for an additional handful of years that I was coaching summer baseball. During that time, golf took a backseat and I would only play 2-3 times a year if that. If I could do it all over again I would have never picked up a baseball bat and focused on golf and most likely would have made a more successful athletic career for myself with a golf club.

In 2017, I started focusing on golf again when I gave up coaching baseball. I was getting married and baseball was consuming my summer, so I gave up the dream of sitting in the Dodgers dugout leading them to a World Series title and decided to get back into golf. My handicap back in 2017 was a 16 and four years later I currently sit with a 9.6 handicap. The goal is to be a consistent single digit handicap golfer and that is what I am going to bring to you on the blog moving forward. Golf is an ever-growing sport and I think by sharing my experiences on the links, there will be people who can relate and understand the power that golf has over 20-30 something year-olds who are newly obsessed with golf.

I will be documenting this summer and fall of golfing experiences that will take me around the country to places such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida and New York just to name a few. This upcoming weekend is the most anticipated weekend of my life, my buddies and I are heading to Pinehurst, the American home of golf to take on Pinehurst Number 8.

The crew that I am heading down to Pinehurst with will be mentioned and shown throughout the content that we display on the ProcrastiNation Golf Tour, so I feel the need to introduce them to you, First off :

Scors (Me) – The gambling addict golfer that goes through 47 tins of dip per round. He will try to channel his inner John Daly, his hero en route to completing the round without pulling a Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy and launching balls into a lake while trying to convince himself that the shot is possible. I am trying to quit dip and have purchased Black Buffalo (no free ads but it’s pretty good) but for Pinehurst he might have to go to ol’ natural Skoal to really be focused on this round.

P-Sweeney – The lovable golfer that every weekend hacker can relate to, he claims he sucks at golf but he actually doesn’t he’s hard on himself but Sweeney’s lovable demeanor and slight anger issues that are displayed on the course make him as relatable as anybody you can find on the internet.

Chris – Absolutely yoked out of his brains, the athlete of the group, the competitive fire burns deep with this dude and he firmly believes that if he played more he would be on the tour. He hits the driver a mile long and will flex in your face while doing it.

Frank The Tank – The elder statesman of the group, he is a hybrid of Winnie the Pooh and Rocco Mediate. One of the nicest guys on and off the course, he will stick shots within 3 foot on repeat and give ya the aww shucks attitude and write it off as getting lucky yet again.

There is so much preparation that goes into a weekend round at Pinehurst – I am studying the course, picking out my outfit, cleaning the clubs, planning lunch, scoping out the potential purchases for my wardrobe and “Man Cave” from the Pinehurst Pro Shop. This is a golfing experience that will be second to none in my opinion, I have tremendous expectations for this weekend and from what I hear, it will be a tall task for me to be disappointed in the Pinehurst experience.

We will be playing the “Blue Tees” it plays nearly 6,700 yards and they are the second furthest set of tees, the only farther ones are the Championship Tees that plays comfortably over 7,000 yards. Pinehurst No.8 was opened for play in 1996 and was designed by legendary golf course designer Tom Fazio. Some of this courses accolades are :
Signature Sanctuary Designated by the Audubon Society since 1996
2013-14 Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses
2014 Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Courses You Can Play
2014 Golfweek’s America’s Best Resort Courses

It is widely accepted as one of, if not the most fun course to play on the Pinehurst property and is the most coveted to play behind the No.4 course and the iconic Pinehurst No. 2 where Payne Stewart won the U.S. Open over Phil Mickelson with the legendary putt and fist pump from Stewart.

As a promise to the fans of what we are doing, if and when I have the opportunity to play Pinehurst No. 2 I will dress up exactly like Payne Stewart, although I love Phil Mickelson and behind John Daly and Arnold Palmer, Phil is my guy, I feel like I will need to honor the memory and legacy of the man, Payne Stewart.

We originally had a Saturday tee time but because of the weather we switched our time to Sunday. The weather currently looks to be ideal, 72 degrees with a few passing clouds, 72 degree high, winds 10-20 MPH. It will create a beautiful day at Pinehurst that will be filled with challenges and an unparalleled golf experience for this early in the season.

My biggest concern of Pinehurst No. 8 is the speed and complexity of the greens. I believe that I am one of the worst putters in the history of golf. Like, I am not exaggerating by any stretch, I know sometimes golfers will say things to be funny or to hammer the point home but I actually believe that I am one of the worst putters in the country right now and potentially in the history of golf. I make a lot of putts under pressure and in clutch situations but when they are right in front of me, easy putts to make early on in the round or if the round is going bad, forget about it, I suck, plain and simple. This will be the downfall of the round or potentially the saving grace that elevates my recently struggling game with a confidence boost for the ages.

This summer of chronicling my golf game will all come to the big tournament this November, the 2021 Champions Cup ShitBag Invitational. This is a three day Ryder Cup style event where all of my buddies get together to compete in a prestigious weekend of golf mixed with eating and gambling.

I am excited to share my golf journey with all of you and hope to be firmly in the single digit hdcp by years end. Hit em straight and if you don’t just keep swinging and one final reminder to always HIT IT HARD!