Dodgers Give Little Brother a Dose of Reality

Another night, another Los Angeles Dodgers victory. The best start for a defending World Series Champion in the history of the game, not too shabby. It was just a month ago when every blow hard baseball journalist and talking head on television were blowing their loads over the San Diego Padres, predicting them to win the World Series, a prediction that I call laughable. Last night, the Padres and their fans were treating the first game of the eighteen against the Dodgers like it was game 7 of the World Series, it was so cute. We had to put up with the energy and the moron Padres announcers talking up San Diego like they are the 27′ Yankees, then we had to pat them on the head and make them roll over so we could scratch their belly before sending them to their backyard dog house for the night.

I wrote a blog not to long ago declaring that I think this Dodgers team could potentially be the greatest team ever assembled, I stand by that. They are 11-2 and playing without Bellinger and have a closer in Kenley Jansen who couldn’t get me out. There seems to be a solution to the latter half of that problem, former Cy Young Award Winner, David Price who has been declared the Mayor of Shovetown USA after his two inning performance last night, he seems to be slowly falling in line to take the reigns from Kenley and solidify himself as the Dodgers closer moving forward. This former career starter making a move to the bullpen is not uncommon, we saw John Smoltz be dominant in that transition in the 2000’s with the Braves.

The Dodgers offense has been fueled by the leader of this team, Justin Turner and Corey Seager continues to not miss a beat, hitting a clutch two-run, go-ahead, extra inning home run last night. The Dodgers young bats have also been finding their stride, McKinstry has been phenomenal and should become an everyday player. In addition to McKinstry, Luke Realy hit his first major league ding dong last night as well.

The Padres did their best to get the band wagoners fired up by charging the mound only to find Dodgers stud Dennis Santana wasn’t backing down from a fight, that’s who the Dodgers are, they are the big bad bully and it’s time the Padres got shoved in the locker where they belong. I don’t care, the Dodgers could lose the next two to San Diego (not gonna happen) and I still am not afraid of the San Diego Padres, give me a break, this Dodgers team is flat out better, it’s plain and simple. The bad news for San DIego is, this isn’t ending anytime soon, Betts, Buehler, Urias, Bellinger, Seager, Smith are here for the next decade, you will be staring up at our asses on the NL West ladder as Michael Squintz Paladorse’s Uncle said “FOREVRRRRR”.

Nothing better than waking up in the morning and knowing you got Kershaw on the mound who has carved up the Padres for a decade like a Thanksgiving turkey and going up against him is one of the biggest choke artists / overrated pitchers of all time in Yu Darvish.

Francesa’s (The NY Sports G.O.A.T) talking about Hugh Dahvish will never get old

Apparently the Padres will treat every game against the Dodgers this season like it is a life or death game 7 situation and we will let our little brother think they have a chance before ripping their hearts out and showing it to them, en route to ANOTHER NL West and World Series Championship.

DahliaCactus: KALI MAH!