Dodgers Break Out The Whooping Stick! Win 4th In A Row!

Ho-hum here we go again, the Dodgers about to steam roll this division. I love to think that there are people out there who think the shit stain San Diego Padres will win the NL West, it’s actually laughable to me. I might as well take a nap until October first, then you can wake me up, we will sweep some bum team in the NLDS, have a slight test in the NLCS and then show the American League what a real league is all about en route to our second straight World Series title.

Five games into a 162 game season and we already know who the best team in baseball is, oh yeah, the best team is baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t even looked their best yet. It’s truly a terrifying scene for any baseball team or fan of any other team in baseball, you will be staring down the barrel of this type of domination for the better part of the next decade.

I honestly feel bad for the Oakland A’s at this point, you have to play in that dump of a ballpark and then have your inner-state rival come into town and beat the doors off of you and on top of that they have to face Kershaw tonight coming off a loss, you might as well mark it down as a Dodgers W now.

The only legitimate concern I have for this team is that they aren’t getting the Corey Seager resigning done immediately. The BRINKS truck should be backing up to his front lawn and unloading $375 million onto his property so he can dive into like a coked out Scrooge McDuck. He might be the best offensive player in baseball, no exaggeration just pure facts, when he’s healthy, which he is and coming off of a NLCS and WS MVP award – there is nobody better, so start marking your NL MVP ballots early, he’s your man.

If the Dodgers can somehow make McKinstry into the everyday left-fielder or they trade for a big outfield bat at the deadline to play LF then they might break the 2001 Mariners record of 116 regular season wins, I believe that this is the best baseball team ever assembled. The 2001 Mariners started the season 20-5, the dodgers are currently on pace to tie that start and if they do, this division is over, by the end of April, the big bad Padres will be looking at the Wild Card standings for the rest of the summer, music to my big chubby ears.

On the gambling side of things, here’s a three way parlay for tonight to help pay the mortgage, take the Dodgers, Rays and Mets and thank me later. RANDY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON …… CUE THE MUSIC!