Is T.Y. Hilton the dumbest player in the National Football League?

ESPN – Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said Thursday he turned down more money to re-sign with the Indianapolis Colts, the only franchise he’s played for in the NFL. “I wanted to stay here no matter what the cost was. I gave up a lot of money to stay here and that’s what I wanted to do,” he told reporters. Hilton signed a one-year, $8 million contract to return to Indianapolis. He is guaranteed $8 million and can earn up to $10 million if he reaches incentives. Hilton confirmed he turned down a multiyear offer from the Baltimore Ravens but said it was fun to get recruited by other teams. He said he relied heavily on the advice of former Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne. 

Hilton said Wentz texted him to tell him how much he wanted to throw passes to him this season. Hilton said Wentz’s “skill set is pretty unique and pretty special.”

“He has some Andrew Luck traits,” Hilton said of Wentz. “He can get out of the pocket, make some incredible plays. He’s a special talent.”

This week Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said he “gave up a lot of money to stay” with the Colts and expressed what could be best described as excitement to play with former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. All of this begs the question, is T.Y. Hilton the dumbest player in the National Football League? 

Let’s evaluate. The Colts and Carson Wentz. These were the two deciding factors to keep you in Indianapolis and not only that, turn down a multi year offer with the Ravens that is arguably worth millions of dollars more. Now some people are swayed by their emotional attachment to things and in T.Y. Hilton’s case that happens to be the team that on its best day, lost in the wild card round, divisional round, and conference championships (yes, the Colts did make it to the AFC Championship) over 8 years.

But let’s get down to the real matter at hand, Carson Wentz. “He’s a special talent.” Wow, let that one sink in. That was something that was actually said about Carson Wentz. The guy who the Eagles, for some unbelievably horrible understanding of player ability and salary structure within the league, signed to a four-year, $128 million deal in June of 2019. They then took a loss of 33.8 million to RELEASE him in exchange for a couple of non-first round draft picks down the road. Meaning the Eagles would rather have a nearly 34 million dollar loss on the books and lose cap space then keep him on their team. That is a terrible look and certainly no one who I would hitch my wagon to much less lose millions of dollars in earnings for. And as a wide receiver you chose to pass on the Ravens and Lamar Jackson -one of the most dynamic passers in the league, to stick with Carson Wentz? You are out of your mind

However, all of this begs the question, where is this offer T.Y. Hilton turned down? Now I vigorously researched and scoured the internet for answers, meaning, I googled “ty hilton ravens,” scrolled to the middle of the first page of results, and gave up. Now what does level of investigation mean? There was no offer. Nothing. It never happened. There was no discussion between the Ravens and T.Y. Hilton and it must have been made up.

Why? I’ll tell you why. Either because T.Y. Hilton is, by NFL standards, an old receiver whose prime is past him and he’s losing receptions to younger players like Zach Pascal, Michael Pittman Jr, and even Nyheim Hines (a running back that is fourth on the list for receptions) and wanted to save face as he enters what will probably be his last year in the league. So if there really is no offer, why would he say this? My guess is that everyone knows Carson Wentz is woefully incompetent and his team and Colts fans need some reassurance that this horrible acquisition was actually a good decision and they should be optimistic.

Maybe there was some discussion of an offer between T.Y. Hilton and the Ravens but I imagine T.Y. Hilton saw this as an opportunity to hype up his team’s new quarterback. Sadly, when the Colts finish 4-11 in December all this will have done is to create an even bigger letdown than signing Carson Wentz in the first place.