Kershaw and Dodgers Get Rocked

Everybody knows that the first game of the season is bullshit right? Right?!? Hopefully it is because that was an ugly performance by the defending champions. You would have thought it was October of 2019 the way Kershaw was getting shillelaghied out there. I don’t want to overstate one game in a one-hundred and sixty two game season but the pitching was awful, there was terrible base running but the Dodgers offense scored 5 runs and had 15 hits, that should be enough to win a lot of games with this starting pitching staff.

The positives of today, Mookie, Seager, Muncy, Lux and Bellinger all had multiple hits. That type of production, especially from Lux and Bellinger is something that Dodger fans from coast to coast all want to see. Another big positive was the fact that Scott Alexander, the Dodgers left-handed relief pitcher who was the final roster spot for Opening Day threw one inning plus of scoreless ball out of the bullpen.

The negatives, obviously Clayton Kershaw who gave up TEN hits in five innings and only struck out two batters. Look, I have ripped and bashed but also defended Kershaw over the course of his career, he’s been easy to defend during the regular season but he laid a big fat egg today, plain and simple. I don’t think that will be a trend and it’s always nice to have Trevor Bauer and Walker Buehler starting the next two games on the mound. Another big negative, Jimmy Nelson, hey Jimmy, get off my team, you are terrible, that was like watching my buddy Liam from little league who would tie his cleats together and fall flat on his nerdy face, that was the equivalent of Jimmy Nelson. Give me a young kid who can eat innings and gain some experience as opposed to watching a washed up bum come in and seal the fate of an opening day loss. Nelson couldn’t get through an inning but was able to record three wild pitches, two runs and two walks, solid outing shithead.

You guys might be reading this and saying hey Scors, aren’t you being a little harsh? No, I am not – just because we won the World Championship doesn’t mean I am taking my foot off the gas, I expect this team to compete for a World Championship every year for the next decade. We can’t get complacent and we can’t just expect to roll the balls out there and come away with victories, so I will be even more harsh and tough on this team now that we are champions.

Since winning the World Championship we have experienced a lot of loss as Dodger fans. Vin Scully’s wife passed away, Don Sutton and legendary Mr. Dodger Tommy Lasorda all passed away in the offseason. Well, you can bet your sweet ass that Tommy spilled his bucket of pasta while rolling over in his grave after that lack luster opening day ass kicking from the Colorado Rockies. Yes, the Rockies, projected to be one of the five worst teams in baseball, no problem at all, they beat our asses on national television to start the season.

Unfortunately, the undefeated season will have to wait. Still on pace for at least 130 wins, no big deal. Let’s get back after it tomorrow and get in the win column. Bauer outage coming to the mound tomorrow for a shove show. Let’s go Dodgers!