Final Four Here We Come! Let’s Get Rich

Well everyone, it has been the hot streak of all hot streaks, I currently sit up +98 units since Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, the NCAA tournament and conference tournaments have established “Kevy Hoops” as a household name. With only a handful of games remaining in the 2021 tournament we must be resourceful and swift with our picks, that’s why I am here to help you, to give you the answers to the test.

Look, I am not famous or well-known but I should be, I have NEVER had a losing NCAA tournament, since 2016 I have showed up each and every year, since 2016 I am up 158 units. Oh and by the way, that’s without having a tournament last year because of COVID – literally the only thing to stop my prowess and hot streak was a global pandemic, aside from that you cannot beat Kevy Hoops when the chips are down, it’s an impossibility.

I have a fantasy, I write this blog and the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas calls me up and says we want you to pick winners for us, come on out here, you have a job. Like DeNiro in Casino, maybe I become Food & Beverage Director and make the bosses money by hammering Norfolk State team total under.

Tonight we focus our attention on building the bank roll before the final weekend of the tournament. It’s simple, tonight’s strategy is clear, DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS. Gonzaga and Michigan have been pound for pound the two best teams in college basketball all season long and it seems like they are the way to go tonight. With saying that, the PAC-12 has been the best conference BY FAR in the tournament and we have overlooked the conference of champion teams once again in this tournament, well you probably have, I haven’t. I gave you the answer to the question already, what’s the strategy? Correct, young jedi, DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS.

GONZAGA GONZAGA GONZAGA and sprinkle that over while you are at the window. USC has had a great run, Coach Enfield is a phenomenal tournament coach, in fact he has never not covered a spread in the tournament. Enfield led Florida Gulf Coast on an improbable tourney run before packing up and manning the Trojans, with both schools, Enfield covers spreads. Well, not tonight – every good run must come to an end unless you are Kevy Hoops of course. The Trojans get their doors blown off tonight and the best team in the nation, shows everybody just how good and over-powering down the stretch they are. Lay the 8.5 and take the over 153.5 – final score: Gonzaga 88 USC 69

HAIL HAIL to the Victors!! Michigan is being doubted heavily against the hot as hell UCLA Bruins and Mick Cronin (one of my favorite coaches in the land). The slipper will fall off Cinderella tonight and be smashed into 1,000 pieces. I love the PAC12 Basketball, I love the coaches, the late night games, Bill Walton, so I am not out with a vendetta against the PAC12 – I just have to not overcomplicate this, and for that reason I am taking the two teams who I have said from day 1 are the two best teams in all of college hoops, Michigan & Gonzaga, plain and simple. Michigan beats the doors off of UCLA and head to the final four by winning 73-57. Hail to the Victors indeed.

Good luck my friends, Kevy Hoops shirts available soon on our blog. Get your credit cards ready, hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!