We Paid for Zoom so Start Watching the Livestreams

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief


In recent days Scors and I purchased a premium Zoom account, capable of livestreaming our thoughts on our Facebook Page.

As we branch out into video content, we need the support of you, the reader and consumer, because I have crippling anxiety and I also want this blog to be successful. We will do our best to Livestream frequently when there are major sporting events so that, even if you’re alone in quarantine, you can sit with a couple friends and listen to us talk about the game and random sports stuff. You can send us chats and comments so that you can engage too. We’re trying to do more stuff so that we can keep investing in what you folks want to read and hear about.

If this is bad let us know and we’ll try to do better. If it’s good, go to the Facebook Page and throw us a Like so that you can see more Livestreams. We used to do the on Instagram but Instagram is a little more limited in what we can do. We can also go Live on YouTube if that’s better for you all. We did our NFL Draft Party on YouTube last Spring.

We’re doing this because video is what drive content and we want to have more people in the ProcrastiNation. So let us know what we can do better. Just an FYI, we don’t have video editing or on-screen graphics capabilities because we don’t have any of those professionals kicking it on the blog with us.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for playing along.