The Corner Booth Episode 56: An Interview with #Barrels Author, Dan Sabbatino

A surprise two episode week because we have an all-star guest and we’re getting into the NCAA Tournament where you should all be gambling *responsibly.*

First things first, Spring Training is upon us. That means fantasy baseball is upon us. Many of you will be Venmoing your Commissioners and setting up your fantasy drafts over the next two weeks so we sat down with Dan Sabbatino, author of #Barrels A Guide to Leveraging Context-Independent Batting Metrics into a Fantasy Championship, to help you win your league. Dan spent years researching this 20-something page book, so you can have the highest return on investment in your leagues.

We talk about his system and break it down for the non-sabermetrically inclined like Scors and I so we can all understand it. You can purchase the book here:

Dan sticks around to talk New York Mets with us and a little Knicks talk too.

Scors and I give you our winners for today’s NCAA Tournament action.

If you don’t want to leave this window open for an hour as we talk about why we like Slick Rick Pitino and Iona today, you can listen to us on Apple Podcasts by searching ProcrastiNation Podcast Network or clicking the Spotify link below.

Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.