It’s Tourney Time : NCAA Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s get ready to gamble our heads off sports fans. I have been fighting off the cold streak the last couple of days and I am entering the tournament with a bankroll that even I could not have anticipated, this is good news. The key is to not got give it all back, to have some money to put into a vacation fund, pay off some bills or to buy new irons without my wife seeing the new additions to the golf bag.

The conference tourney provided us with excitement, story lines and an overall welcomed sight, the ability to match basketball in March felt like it was a new and reborn concept and it was just another lesson the pandemic taught us, to never take sports for granted again. We had Rick Pitino brining Iona to the dance, Patrick Ewing making a historic and memorable run with the Georgetown Hoyas in MSG, Georgia Tech winning the ACC for the first time since 1993 and so much more. COVID wasn’t without an appearance, it ended Duke, Virginia and Kansas’s conference tournament all prematurely. Kansas and Virginia will still be dancing as long as they meet all the protocols but for the first time since 1995, Duke will not be dancing in March.

We are going to have coverage on the tournament for the duration but it seemed appropriate on selection sunday to dissect the brackets and give you guys a couple of “sleeper” or “cinderella” teams that could make a big time run in the NCAA tourney. These are the teams that you might want to sprinkle some shells on to make a run to the final four, the odds will be great and they are exciting teams to root for.

I would take a serious look at Georgia Tech, they have phenomenal guard play and the ACC player of the year, they were the underdogs against Florida State and they shutup the critics but creating nearly thirty turnovers in the game. Yes, you read that right, the defense for Georgia Tech was relentless and if I had to back a horse that wasn’t one of the top seeds, I would be all over the Yellow Jackets.

Let’s also not sleep on LSU, they had a rough start to the season but they looked very good in the SEC tournament. I like their ability to mix it up defensively and they are well coached enough to make a deep run in the tournament. They are squared up against St. Bonaventure who in my opinion, is one of the most overrated 7-10 seeds in tournament history. I think LSU dominates this first game and that propels them to a deep tournament run.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are the team I would most strongly look at to be a cinderella this season. I guess calling them a cinderella isn’t accurate but you can get great odds on this team right now and Chris Beard is an exceptional basketball coach, he has already led the Red Raiders to three out of four NCAA tournaments including a Final Four and runner-up finish in 2019. Look into the Raiders and look extensively.

My final team is riding the momentum wave, if you believe in momentum and destiny then you need to consider the Georgetown Hoyas. They are playing like a completely different team than they did all year and they steam rolled the Big East tournament and have the greatest living New York Knickerbocker coaching them so might as well roll with it.

This is the first of many blogs, livestreams and podcasts dedicated to this tournament. This is arguably the greatest sporting event of the year so sit back relax and empty those pockets. You got that stimulus check for a reason, time to put up or shut up.