Bag Pre$cott

All-Pro Reels / Joe Glorioso
Redskins vs. Cowboys
September 15, 2019

Dak went got the bagggg. Not only did he make Jerry’s hand cramp wetting the ink on a 4-year $140 million deal, when you dig deeper, it’s how the deal came to fruition that should be grabbing the headlines. The deal puts Dak in the category of top five highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. But not in AAS, that’s where the devil is in the details.

We have to look back in order to understand this deal went down, and how piss poorly the Cowboys pigeonhole themselves in negotiations, ultimately going to an Old Western Draw – without a gun.

It wasn’t until the 11th hour that Jerry finally stepped into his son Stephen Jones contract negotiations, and similar to what the Chiefs front office did with Patrick Mahomes; they created an insanely creative deal that gives both sides what they want.

For Dak he gets out in four years when the mega TV negotiations are on the table, and potentially forcing Jerry’s hand at another record deal albeit a Super Bowl is won under the new contact. Oh yeah, he’s also getting a mere 70 mil upfront.

For the Cowboys from a financial perspective: Jerry, being on the competition committee, had the foresight to know what a potential cap ceiling looks like three to four years from now, and he used that to his advantage. Effectively the finances of this deal are over six years due to the structure of the contract with almost all the cap hit coming in the form a signing bonus or in years two and three effectively lowering the cap hit this year, and no financial impact after the fourth. It was insanely creative and positioned the Cowboys to make a historically bad defense in 2020, a prime focal point in free agency and the draft. Keep in mind, another franchise tag and Dak ain’t coming back in 2022, so you’d waste a high draft pick looking for his successor this year.

How did we get here?

The second my favorite Cowboy of all-time excruciatingly went down in an metaphorical pile of bricks (for the umpteenth time) this time in the Cowboys 1st preseason game of the 2016 season, I thought, “here we go again.” Until Dak trotted out on the field and threw a DIME to Dez (X) for a touchdown, grabbing my attention did we really find Romo’s successor in a 4th rounder? Keep in mind, the Cowboys were saved from themselves when Denver took that goofy shmuck Paxton Lynch and yet again were saved when Conor Cook was taken. Leaving Dakota Rayne MF Prescott, AKA BAG Pre$cott to fearlessly lead the storied franchise into battle for the 2016 season.

Prescott fell into the lap of the Cowboys, and while the lip service regarding his contract negotiations sounded good, both sides mutually sucking each others ass saying they both wanted a long term deal, we were left with our Helmbold’s hot dogs in our hands (shout out Famous Lunch with the works) wondering where is it? Why isn’t it done yet? Jerrah and Steven should have had this deal done YEARS ago, three to be exact after Prescott led the team to a 12-4 record, while earning ROY accolades and setting rookie records left and right, tying Big Ben for the most wins in a rookie season. In an absolute gut wrenching loss to the Cheeseheads of Green Bay, in what would go down as an NFL classic where the Cowboys saw themselves down 24 points, and rallying back to only have some some gust of wind (inside of a dome) blow Mason Crosby’s dying duck through the uprights. It smells of Roger Goodell and had a deflategate-esque feel to it.

The Cowboys had every opportunity from that moment to negotiate a team friendly deal that would have had Prescott looking like a bargain (see Philly Carson Wentz and Jared Goff) both getting paid before Prescott, while their stat lines’ don’t even sniff Dak’s. Sure, Goff was on a Super Bowl representing team, but similar to Eli Manning, he was riding his defens’ coat tails, (sorry Kev) and has been pedestrian at best.

Moral of the story Dak is that dude, and he has the IT factor. Not only that he’s extremely personable and his team follows him, Jerry see’s that, Cowboys Nation sees it, the last thing left to do is go bring one back to Dallas.