Baker Mayfield Sees UFO

I think Baker Mayfield is a bum, i have been chanting that from the rooftop since he came into the league. I haven’t defended Baker or rooted for him throughout his career but he has now made the jump to get on my good side. When you start claiming that you saw UFO or any type of alien encounter, I totally link arms with you and we are on the same side in the field of battle.

First off, I have said many of times, I want to lead the human race when the aliens eventually attack. If you aren’t in on the existence of aliens then you have a big ol dump in your shorts, aliens exist, UFO’s are 100% for real. Take that to the bank. You think Area 51 has a bunch of military planes and weapons inside of it? No shot, they have that baby off limits because we got crystal skulls, UFO’s and alien carcasses floating in giant tubes of liquid so we can do some experiments to figure out the other lifeforms.

I personally have never seen any UFO or what I perceived to be an alien, aside from my neighbors growing up, E.T. and other legends of the game but I like to think that there has to be some type of other life form out there. I have been writing this blog for a few days, it is taking me so long to write because I keep falling deep into YouTube wormholes. I am so deep into the world of aliens and UFO sightings that you would think I am trying to connect to Mars via a transistor radio with a tin foil hat on.

The thing is, athletes have a sense of credibility around them for some reason. When Baker Mayfield says he saw a UFO with his wife then you have to take notice. We need someone like LeBron or Tom Brady to come out and say that they too have seen a UFO and then we can speak it into existence. Look, I think an alien invasion could somewhat be problematic but there is also a chance that they want to work together, we have never seen that movie, where the aliens invade and we end up creating an existence that is a dual utopia. Now, that is probably not the case and we will need a civilian leader, well look no further, I am your man, I will stand with the humans. Unless, the humans refuse me as their leader than I will sell-out and work for the aliens in a blink of an eye. I have said this for years, there is no cause that I will not sell-out to if the price is right and I imagine that the aliens will give me an opportunity to secure the bag.