Shut Up & Listen To Me

I think I am miserable and it’s mostly because of people. I have a larger than life ego while also being the harshest self-critic known to man, I am a basket case, I am messed up, let’s be honest. With saying all that, I look around at the new world we live in that is packed with outrage, cancelling and everybody is a an expert and I think I should be the arbiter on reality in this world. Hopefully you come to this website to read some opinions, get a chuckle or two and go back to your miserable bullshit day stuck in your home office or cubicle or on your lunch break waiting to go back and listen to your boss bitch about something else. Today, I think we need a little bit of a Scors opinion piece before you lay your head on your pillow and have dreams of sweet nothings.

I am riding high off of four danish cookies and two red bulls. I am in the hunt for a new therapist and let me just say that we have a lot to chat about when Scors lays back down on the couch. Last night, I am sitting there switching back and forth from Lethal Weapon and the Golden Globes and I was just like, if you idolize celebrities or quote tweet some of the Hollywood elite, you are just a complete loser. Plain and simple, I think you suck and you most likely do, you probably don’t have a brain in your head and haven’t been able to have a thought that you didn’t regurgitate from a failing actor who had to switch roles from actor to activist. Woah, hold up, I’m going to cut you off, it’s not a left or right thing, I think both sides in 2021 are spewing bullshit and it’s all fake, not a single celebrity or politician cares about you, they actually shun your poor ass. I shouldn’t say all politicians, there are some normal ones out there, there are some who can listen to both sides and try to help their constituents, that’s who I would be trying to help out. They care about them and them only, stop thinking that your opinion matters or that you’re going to save the world by talking politics or spewing your Aunt Janice’s facebook post to your friends who are also idiots.

If you actually want to care about something, I could give you a list of things that need your attention and you don’t have to give your political opinion online, an opinion that I assure you, nobody, I repeat nobody cares about. Now, let me say, there are people who are politically informed, who study, who read BOTH sides of issues, who understand the political process, we should have more of that and less of your friend from homeroom in the graduating class of 2009 who now works at a barber shop in someone’s basement in your hometown. When you are consuming your news from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you are most likely an uninformed person who shows up at parties and people wish that the drink of choice was weed-b-gone, that’d be a better option than knowing you are showing up at the party.

You might be saying, “oh, you mentioned these things that need our attention, what should we devout our attention to”? So here are a few, addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, any disease or disorder, working towards renewable energy, cleaning up parks – there’s a few. Take the energy that you are devoting to re-tweeting political opinions from right wing lunatics, who have trouble counting their teeth and who believe the democrats are cannibals and go donate some of your time, in-person to a cause that matters. Step out of your neighbor’s basement, stop drinking the IPA and jamming to a Phish song and talking how woke everyone needs to be and about how you deserved a 30 min slot on VH1’s Storytellers and go help out at a homeless shelter.

The thing that pisses me off is that it’s 2021, at this stage of the evolution of human beings we should be more educated, we should be able to take a joke and laugh at each other but that seems to be an impossibility at this point. Don’t you think we should be able to help each other out, regardless of your race, religion and background. Don’t you think we should be able to make jokes and not be labeled as the spawn of satan? Don’t you think we could all come together for the common good? Don’t you think we could open our eyes and realize that if you aren’t in the 1% of the super wealthy, celebrity or in the circle of power that include the politicians then we could realize a lot more could get accomplished as a united people? Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am dreaming of a utopia where we could be less sensitive and more informed.

I am just really bummed that we live in a world where my conspiracy theorist cousin Frank on facebook can spew some BS theory that the election was stolen and then share his lasagna recipe, and people are buying into it. Like, oh Frankie gave us a delicious lasagna recipe and we also really love his post about tunnels under Central Park where the mole people hide the secrets of the government. Get informed, find comedy, an outdoor hobby, help your community and try to be a more enjoyable person. Less sensitive, more informed.