This Cold Snap Has Been A Bummer

Photo by Maria Orlova on

I had COVID back in November and I can honestly tell you that I have seen maybe 11 people in person since then. It has been horrific and this cold snap ensnaring a large portion of the country has only made things worse.

Typically, the winter months can make you feel isolated and alone. The days are shorter. You go to work in the dark. You come home in the dark. You can’t walk anywhere without hating your decision to move to a cold place. You can’t drive because of black ice. But during the COVID times, with many of our friends and acquaintances taking the precautions to not get sick, you can feel even more on your own.

I live alone. I go to a coworking place during the day but I stick to my office to better isolate myself from those around me. Not that there are that many folks at the coworking space since people are still weary of gathering in large groups in open rooms. I have largely avoided indoor dining. Despite my temporary immunity to the virus, there’s become a greater social stigma around eating out. As if any decision by you the consumer is endangering the wait staff. I get that, and it probably doesn’t help the staff to know that I already had it because it makes it seem like I’m a reckless person who contracted a once-in-a-century pathogen. You can’t gather with friends the way we once did, even outside.

The cold weather has taken away one of my main anxiety relievers in running. It’s taken away a small piece of community that I have had with other runners.

People in my age range, Millennials, are asked to wait until the very end to receive our vaccines. There are older and more fragile populations in need. I know they need this life-saving miracle of Big Pharma before I do. It makes this hell seem much longer knowing I’m at the end of the line. Something, after months of isolation to protect myself and others, is just so very defeating.

I’m not writing this because I think something should change, or that we should be more carefree. That we should go out more and abandon the restrictions in place. Hell, I LOVE the mask in the winter time to protect my face from getting cold. Haven’t had to use one chapstick all winter. I write this to hopefully find a community of likeminded people in struggle.

This sucks. We all have COVID fatigue and we miss and yearn for the comfort of even last Summer and Fall when we ate at a social distance and enjoyed each others company. When we could run or go for walks. Where we could play disc golf or drink boxed wine in the park.

I’m just a little low right now, and I’m sure you all are too. In a few weeks, it will be in the 50s. We’ll see friends. Go on jogs. Maybe even see a few live outdoor sporting events as more of us get the vaccine depending on your home state. I can’t wait for it.

But for now. Now this just sucks.