Super Bowl Countdown: The Best Games Of My Lifetime

Happy Super Bowl week to all you procrastinators out there, it is time to get hyped, pumped any other adjective your pee brains can think of, the greatest spectacle of sport has returned once more, for the 55th time, the Super Bowl. I was born in 1992 and in my lifetime I have seen a lot of great Super Bowl’s very few blowouts have occurred during my time as a football fan. Every year, on Super Bowl week I think back on the Super Bowls that have been most memorable to me. I am bringing you the top five games of my lifetime, I started the brainstorming from Super Bowl 31 to Super Bowl 54. The reason we started with SB 31 is because that is the first Super Bowl I have a recollection of. I strolled into the best bakery in Upstate New York, Bella Napoli, the day of Super Bowl 31. Giant sugar cookies with the logos of the Packers and Patriots were split in the shelf, my father told me to pick the cookie of the team that I wanted to win. I knew Brett Favre played for the Packers and my four year old self picked out the Packer logo cookie, way to go Baby Scors, 1-0 on Super Bowl picks.

As a bunch of you know, I am a die-hard New York Football Giants fan so I will try to be unbiased in my selection of the top five Super Bowls in the last twenty three years. With saying that, it is unfortunate for all you haters that Eli Manning is a God and beat the G.O.A.T. in the Super Bowl twice. So let’s get to the countdown:

5. Rams defeat Titans – Super Bowl XXXIV
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
ABC (Al Michaels & Boomer Esiason)
Line: Rams -7

One of the most infamous moments in Super Bowl history, the stretch by Kevin Dyson to the goal line and coming up one yard short. This is one of the greatest stories of all-time, Kurt Warner the SB 34 MVP and Rams Quarterback was bagging groceries and playing for an arena football team a year prior to hoisting the Lombardi trophy. After his stint bagging groceries and dominating the arena league, he briefly played in the old -school NFL Europe and from there was signed by the St. Louis Rams. The starting quarterback, Trent Green got injured and Kirt Warner took over the offense that would become known as the greatest show on turf. It’s a game that add phenomenal personalities and players for 90s kids. You had Dick Vermil vs Jeff Fisher, Warner vs Mcnair, Faulk vs George. This is the game that really sticks out to me as the Super Bowl I sat down and watched and remember how exciting the aura of the Super Bowl actually was.

4. Patriots defeat Rams – Super Bowl XXXVI
Louisiana Super Dome, New Orleans, LA
FOX (Pat Summerall & John Madden)
Line: Rams -14

The first Super Bowl since the terrorist attacks on our country on September 11th 2001. A nation collectively waving American flags while the former President of the United States George H.W. Bush (the father of the then-current President George W Bush) conducted the coin toss to start the game that was being watched by a record number of people. The Rams returned to the big game again with the high powered offense and an offensive genius turned Head Coach, Mike Martz. The Rams didn’t know that they were up against the budding dynasty that was Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. On that day, it seemed fitting that the “Patriots” would win the first Super Bowl since 9/11 and in doing so, they pulled the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, fourteen point underdogs who won the game by three points, a last second field goal from the clutch leg of Adam Vinatieri. Tom Brady would be named MVP of the Super Bowl and the first of his ten Super Bowl appearances was in the books.

3. Patriots defeat Falcons – Super Bowl LI
NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
FOX (Joe Buck & Troy Aikman)
Line: Patriots -3

It is an iconic vision, the Falcons leading the Patriots 28-3 late in the third quarter. A once thought insurmountable comeback was vanquished by the man, the myth, the legend, Tom Brady who was on his way to another Super Bowl title, his fifth at the time and another Super Bowl MVP. Oddly enough, this is the second Super Bowl on our countdown where former president George H.W. Bush flipped the coin, this time with his wife and former First Lady, Barbara Bush. The game might be as well known for the awful decision making and play calling by the Atlanta Falcons and being on the poop end of the greatest choke job in football history than it is about the Patriot dynasty rolling along. Either way, this was a game for the ages.

2. Steelers defeat Cardinals – Super Bowl XLIII
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
NBC (Al Michaels & John Madden)
Line: Steelers -7

This Super Bowl had it all, the boss, Bruce Springsteen performing at halftime, a back and forth battle between arguable the best NFL franchise of all time against the Arizona Cardinals being pulled back from the dead by Kurt Warner, yes, Kurt’s three Super Bowl appearances have made my top five list. Larry Fitzgerald streaking down the field for a late Cardinals lead, Roethlisberger hitting Holmes in the back corner to answer and secure another title for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This would be the Steelers last Super Bowl win to date and could very well be the final one in the hall of fame career of Ben Roethlisberger. A classic from start to finish.

1. Giants defeat Patriots – Super Bowl XLII
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
FOX (Joe Buck & Troy Aikman)
Line: Patriots -12

Nobody gave the G-MEN a chance, the 16-0 Patriots, the greatest team of all time. Eli to Tyree. Eli to Burress. Coughlin out-witting Belichick. Giants defense. Enough said. Undefeated no more. 18-1.