Yes, there it is, Super Bowl XXI between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, the first time those famous words were uttered by a Super Bowl MVP, “I’m going to Disney World”. Well, how fitting that your mom’s favorite blogger, aka the BlogFather aka the PodFather aka Scors is heading back to the House of Mouse for Super Bowl Weekend and for the second annual Scors / Stevie Ray plus the wives vacation.

The destination for the second annual vacation was up for debate but ultimately and thankfully, I was able to convince the group that Disney 2.0 was the right move. We headed South last year to the happiest place on earth for an amazing 6 day getaway well this time we put the pedal to the metal and have upped this rendezvous to an 11-day extravaganza. If you need to be refreshed on how hard I got pulled into the World of Disney you can read my trip recap from last year when I firmly confirmed that I’m Officially A Disney Guy.

The countdown is real, in just three short days I will be loading up the family fun vehicle, masking up and heading down with a Spotify playlist that would be Jock Jamz to shame. You heard me bring up masks and I am sure a lot of you are like “wow, can’t believe he’s traveling during a pandemic” well, I am and frankly I fall in line with all of the policies put forth by Florida (America’s) Governor Ron DeSantis. We don’t do politics very often on this blog and podcast network but I am a firm believer that as members of a free society, you need to have the option to operate a business, go out to have dinner or to go on a vacation, if you aren’t comfortable doing that, I have zero problem and I support your wish to lockdown but to have a government mandate tell you how and when you can leave your house, that’s a no-go for me. Shoutout to Florida and Texas, and places that are still operating, putting money in the pockets of citizens and allowing people like us to travel. I am all for it. You need to be smart, wear the mask, stay out of peoples space, wash your hands, sanitize and follow the protocols, don’t think you are too tough for the virus, nobody likes an asshole, do your part and listen to the guidelines while having fun. I have been trying to be as careful as possible and have left my house very rarely lately to limit my chance for exposure, so knock on wood. If I go and get sick then it is what it is, but at least I could make that decision and choose to still have experiences that put a smile on my face during this bleak time in our lives.

I digress, I am looking forward to experiencing Disney again, especially in a world where there will be very few similarities since the last time we stepped into the park, pounded some Dole Whips and raced to the Tower of Terror. This time there will be limited restaurants, limited crowds, safety protocols, mask mandates and so much more. This will be an all new and exciting experience, it feels like I have been in my house for months, it hasn’t been that long but it sure as hell feels like it. I need this vacation, I need it pumped into my veins, I need the rush of the Rock N Roller Coaster, the comforting smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, the feel of the soft pillows from a Disney World Resort and the savory taste of the EPCOT food spread, that’s the vision that is driving me forward during this final work week before vacation.

I will update you guys on our Instagram during the trip, you can check that out at procrastination_sports and I will try and pump out some blogs while I am there but if not we will have the full recap blog following the trip. I plan to eat as much food as humanly possible, lay my dad bod by the pool, hit all the rides and play a couple rounds of golf, that is my type of vacation to the millionth degree. Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation.