Rams Send Goff To Lions In Exchange For Stafford & Plethora Of Draft Picks

Another year and another QB blockbuster trade the week before Super Bowl Sunday. This is seemingly becoming a big week for the NFL to shakeup some of its marquee names. If you are the Houston Texans or a fan of the team then you have to be salivating at the thought of how many draft picks Desahun Watson is going to be worth. The Rams just gave up all their first round draft picks and will not pick in the most important round of the NFL draft until 2024, that was the price for veteran QB Matt Stafford. Including the draft picks, the Rams sent Jared Goff to the Lions, the relationship between Goff and QB Sean McVay was not savable and this trade was able to be worked out rather quickly.

It might just be me but I think this trade was necessary for both teams but more specifically for both quarterbacks. Stafford has toiled away on a ton of awful Detroit Lions football teams while he compiled impressive stats throughout the course of his career. Jared Goff led the Rams to the Super Bowl just two years ago but the decline and the trust in him from the Rams coaching staff was evident and it seemed as if there had to be a change. Sometimes, players or coaches need a new team to play more freely and play without the pressure of an uncomfortable situation.

Am I suggesting that these moves will automatically lead to success for both franchises? No, not at all. I actually think the Lions are going to be a very bad football team and the offensive mind of Sean McVay has made Jared Goff look better than he actually is. That’s how much I believe in McVay and with saying that, I think Stafford is going to benefit from playing for McVay and being in a dynamic offense with some players who are more dynamic than anybody he had on the current version of the Detroit roster. I have always liked Stafford a lot and I think this pairing of quarterback and coach is going to make a tremendous impact in the NFC West and I like the Rams to win this division next year. The Niners have a QB issue, the Cardinals have an overrated Head Coach and Quarterback with aging impact players and the Seahawks have a phenomenal future hall-of-fame QB and that’s about it.

So, with saying all that you might think that the Rams have won this trade, perhaps but the Lions are now stocking draft picks and the issue with having a bunch of draft picks is that you need a competent front office and coaching staff to make the right draft picks that will change the tide of an organization. I am not too sure that the Lions have that but I know they won’t be intimidated by anybody, the proof is in the knee biting.