There’s Not a Bigger Group of Herbs on the Planet Than the Baseball Writers Who Vote for the Hall of Fame

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The Baseball Writer’s Association of America have officially voted no one into the Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Worse than that, we had another year of insufferable “guardians of the game” making the entire process about themselves.

I wrote a story this year on who I thought should be in the Hall of Fame and who would be on my ballot if I had one, and I don’t care if you agree with my picks. I think everyone who fills out a ballot should have to explain their picks. None of this anonymity crap. Everyone who has a ballot should defend their ballot in print. This isn’t what this article is about. What this article is about is the woe-is-me how tough is my life bullshit we saw from baseball writers all week about marking exes next to athletes they watched for OVER A DECADE.

Seriously. Did you see these baseball writers act like first responders all week over casting a single ballot. A ballot they cast every single year? Some of these ballots after 5 minute long videos announcing their picks, are the exact same ballots they handed in last year.

This dramatic, self-promotion is the kind of high and mighty garbage that has ruined baseball for younger generations. This, “Play the game the right way” propaganda that has in no way served the best interests of the game, nor has it ever in fact been the way the game has been played.

One reporter had a NEUROLOGIST on to talk about why he felt bad about his ballot. 14 dorks squandered the opportunity any of us Joe Schmoes would DIE for by casting a completely blank ballot as a protest. A protest against what, we will never know because the same 30 people appeared on the ballot last year when they literally cast votes for actual people on the ballot.

We had reporters write whole columns about whether or not they even wanted TO BE HALL OF FAME VOTERS ANYMORE. Over Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. And look, you can have the opinion that you don’t want them in the Hall of Fame. That’s fine. I think you’re wrong and we can argue until we’re both blue in the face, but spare me this self-involved stuff about how difficult this is for you. It’s their NINTH YEAR on the ballot.

There’s this self-righteous, guardian of the integrity of the game mystic that sportswriters have put on themselves, for no reason other than their own egos. That’s why we columns talking about how Jeff Kent, yes that Jeff Kent, is the only Hall of Fame on the ballot. Why people voted LaTroy Hawkins. Why people pushed Mark Buehrle to 10%. It’s all a joke to get clicks and retweets and for people to look at the true stars of Major League Baseball, the people who get to go to every game for free, live the casual fans dream, and then piss all over the once in a lifetime opportunity they receive.

It’s disgusting and they should be ashamed.