NFL Conference Championship Preview

The final four is set, that yearly depression begins to sink in because we have come to the realization that we only have two weeks of football left for the next six months, a very sobering thought. With saying that, we need to appreciate and get excited for the two matchups that we have been bestowed for one of the most exciting days of sports for the entire calendar year, Championship Sunday is rapidly approaching, let’s get ready for it sports fans.

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In my humble opinion we got the two best matchups that we could possible ask for. In the AFC you have the defending champs going up against the quintessential lovable losers in the Buffalo Bills and in the NFC you have arguably the two best Quarterbacks of a generation squaring off in Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Let’s be up front about this, I will be satisfied with any Super Bowl matchup that we get but I have a serious man crush on Tom Brady and not including New York Football Giants, Brady is my favorite player of all-time aside from the ol’ gunslinger himself, Brett Favre. On the opposite side, I would love to see the Chiefs defend their crown but my New York roots are pushing me toward Buffalo to win their biggest game in the last 25 years, a moment in time, the Bills going to the Super Bowl was at one time in my life an impossible thought.

With all that hyperbole and build-up we all know what most of us are interested in this Sunday, the spread and the totals. The question as always, how do we become millionaires in one day? Well, luckily Scors is here to enlighten all you peasants. Aside from absolutely getting spanked in the NBA on a nightly basis, I have found my handicapping form in terms of football in the last few weeks. I hope that my picks bring you joy and financial happiness, if we aren’t getting another stimulus check then let the Blog Father help you and your family get over the hump this championship season.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers – 3:05 PM on FOX
Green Bay -3.5
O/U 51

I am obsessed with this game, as a football fan, this is everything you want. Tom Brady who now has more championship game appearances than every franchise in the NFL aside from the Steelers and 49ers, yes you read that correctly, Brady is attempting to go to his 10th Super Bowl (6-3 record in the big game). The Packers have a future Hall of Famer under center as well, Aaron Rodgers is attempting to bring the Packers back to the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly a decade, Rodgers only Super Bowl appearance, he has been the best QB all season long and is predicted to capture another league MVP award.

At the beginning of the year Mulraney and I made our picks for the Super Bowl, I went out on a limb and said that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would win the NFC, some thought I was crazy but here we are, one win away from that prediction. PS, I also had the Bills in the AFC and predicted the MLB World Series matchup and had the Dodgers winning, not bragging just straight at your dome piece, hard hitting, stone cold facts.

Tampa Bay showed me a lot last Sunday, the defense which at times has been suspect, showed up and played a nearly perfect game on the road against the New Orleans Saints. In addition, for the last 7-8 weeks the Bucs have had one of, if not the best offenses in the league, a plethora of weapons for Brady to use to dis-mantle any defense.

The money in Vegas is coming in early on Green Bay and it is hell-bent on the over at nearly 80% of O/U bets taken have been forked up on the over. I don’t agree with the public here in either aspect. I am going to take the Bucs +3.5 and I like this to be a relatively low scoring drag out football game with the Bucs winning late in the fourth quarter, 26-23, for an under of 49 total points. Brady will lead the Bucs down the field in the fourth quarter trailing 23-19 and score a TD with a minute or so remaining to stick a red hot dagger into the chilly Lambeau hearts of Packers nation. Brady to his 10th, Bucs to their 2nd – New England weeps, Brady is still here. Tampa Bay plays the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

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Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs – 6:40PM on CBS
Kansas City -3
O/U 53

Alright, I could flip a coin on this game but as I have been writing I have convinced myself into a team and total and sometimes you need to go with your gut, a simple yet potent explanation. The beauty of this game is that we have the two franchise builders squaring off in Mahomes and Allen. I am the biggest Josh Allen fan there is and I seriously would consider drafting him #1 overall if I was starting a franchise today. This is another superb matchup to get us greased up for the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs went 14-2 this year, they haven’t covered a game since Christ was a carpenter and frankly they haven’t blown a team out all year, they have been in close games with bad teams and they have lost to teams who didn’t even make the playoffs. What does all that tell you? It tells you that when the chips are down, they know how to win. Oh, and I forgot to mention to you that they have the best Quarterback / Head Coach duo in the sport. My eyes tell me Bills, but something deep down in the ol basement of my soul says this is Chiefs and it’s Chiefs in a big way.

Josh Allen is leading a young and in a lot of ways inexperienced Buffalo offense. Yes, they learned from last years loss to the Texans, yes they found their winning ways against the Colts and yes they beat the Ravens in a dominant defensive performance that will live in Buffalo football lore forever. The problem with all that is, they haven’t played a team as complete as the Chiefs in as big of a game as this. I picked Buffalo to go to the Super Bowl, I have a future on them that would cash out in a gigantic way but if I am being honest, something tells me Kansas City.

What does the Chiefs defense have that goes unnoticed? Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, the two time Super Bowl winning DC. He led the 2007 Giants to the upset victory over the undefeated Patriots and last year he was able to change on the fly and hold up enough to support the Chiefs generational offense, his defense unit is better this year and I think he is going to design enough confusion to make it a long and rough day for Allen and Buffalo. The Bills and Josh Allen will be in multiple Super Bowls in his career, so need to worry Buffalonians, it’s coming, it’s just not this year.

Vegas is bringing in early money for the Bills and the over. As you already know, I am going KC -3 and I am in agreement with the gambling public in terms of the over. I think it gets there in a relatively easy fashion, you will have to wait for KC to pile on in the 4th but you will get there.I would go over in this game without hesitation. Chiefs win this one in a blow-out, they pile on early and often and late and win this AFC Championship Game by the score of 48-13 for an over of 61 total points.

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Alright everybody, sit back, relax and get ready for Championship Sunday and let these conference title games of years past give you something to do this week while you work from your sad pathetic home office or if by some unluckily roll of the dice you are back in the cube.