R.I.P. To Dodgers Legend, Tommy Lasorda

On Friday, the world of sports, baseball and the Dodger Blue community lost its patriarch, Tommy Lasorda passed away at the age of 93. This is one of those deaths that really hits home, Lasorda was everything that was special about being a part of the Dodgers and why us as a fan base love rooting for this organization year after year.

Lasorda managed the Dodgers for 21 seasons and on his numbers alone and was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. On his merits alone, he would have been a Hall of Famer, but it was his colorful personality, rants, one-liners and love for the Dodgers that will endear him to Dodger nation for the rest of time. Lasorda who was as old-school as it gets and someone like me who still believes in that style of baseball realizes that this is a sign as the end of an era. Lasorda was a part of the Dodgers organization for SEVENTY years, yes you read that correctly, 70 years.

Tommy had one wish before he shuffled off and that was to see the boys in blue bring home the World Series title for the first time since 1988. The Dodgers finally got over the hump and granted Tommy’s wish when they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays four games to two in the 2020 Fall Classic. Lasorda was in Texas to see the Dodgers clinch the title and finally, Tommy was able to see the Dodgers win it all for the first time since he led the underdog Dodgers to the 1988 championship over the power-house Oakland Athletics. 88′ was the second title and fourth NL pennant for the Dodgers under the watch of Lasorda, the Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees in 1981 after winning four straight to close out the series at Yankee Stadium in game 6.

One of the greatest stories I have heard about Lasorda was a time when his wife of 70 years said to him “Tommy, I think you love baseball more than me”, Tommy responded and said “Yeah, but I love you more than football and hockey”.

Tommy Lasorda will be greatly missed by the world of baseball and especially by Dodgers fans, rest in peace Tommy, to a one of a kind baseball personality and an absolute legend of the game.