I am going to say this slowly and carefully. The New York Mets are coming for every big name free agent and there isn’t any team or deity who can stop them. Uncle Stevie “Big Bucks” Cohen is inevitable.

In the Wilpon Era, checkbooks were sown shut and Mets fans had to scroll down the list of free agents on the Major League Baseball website until we hit the twenties before we could even see who might don the orange and blue the next season. The last few major acquisitions were the Diaz and Cano trade (P.U.), signing Cespedes, and bringing in Adrian Gonzalez and Rick Porcello. Seriously. That was my life. The god damn Knicks get better free agents. Jacob deGrom should have filed a lawsuit against the team for malpractice.

But now, now with the New York Mets have the richest owner in baseball. Steve Cohen damn near made so much money last year that he almost completely routed the 2.4 billion he spent to buy the team.

Not only did the Mets go out and grab one of the best stars available as one of the only teams in the league who didn’t lose money last year, but they added another big name pitcher to go with a top of the class rotation. Find a safe day to pitch your spot starter against this rotation:

  • Jacob deGrom
  • Marcus Stroman
  • Carlos Carrasco
  • Noah Syndergaard
  • David Peterson


Now let’s break into the Lindor acquisition too.

Four-straight All-Star Games after coming in second in the Rookie of the Year in 2015. In full seasons he’s a 30 homer and .275 average guy. Finished in the top six of the American League MVP vote twice. Oh, did I mention he’s a two-time Gold Glove winner and he’s barely, 27 years-old. Steve Cohen is going to open the Scrooge McDuck style vault and let Francisco roll around and fill his pockets like the wind game at casinos where they dump money in the weird hurricane simulator.

The Mets have also let it be known that they’re still in on George Springer, and have been kicking the tires on Jackie Bradley Jr., and a potential trade for Chicago Cub Kris Bryant. The offseason isn’t over yet, and the Mets are still willing to play a part in shaping it. This had previously been unthinking in Queens to be setting the tone across an offseason. To be able to be the best contract option with the highest dollars to spend. They also kept their top five to six prospects in the Lindor and Carrasco deal.

At his introductory press conference, Steve Cohen said they were going to spend and be competitive, but they were also working toward building a world class organization that had a top of the line farm system. He knows the farm system needs work and that it needs to be protected in order to grow. He said as much again about the Blake Snell deal.

Candor from ownership! That’s what we need. Not every single player. Teams are built from within with some free agency acquisitions. Steve knows this, and Sandy Alderson knows this. They’re doing exactly as they said, and we should continue to trust them.

It’s a new era, and this trade works within this frame. Get ready folks, there’s a new big brother in NYC.