NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview

The greatest weekend in the history of football is rapidly approaching. We have the privilege of getting three games on both Saturday and Sunday, yes, a total of six playoff games in 36 hours. This is the first time in the history of the league that we are getting this many playoff games on Wild Card Weekend and it is a perfect time to sit on your ass and watch nothing but football for two days.

I don’t want to come off as braggadocios but I am on an absolute hot streak and I hope all you stooges took my advice on the College Bowl Games because if you did you are halfway to being a millionaire. I am here to help you navigate these playoff waters and give you my picks so that 2021 is the most profitable year in your history.

Make sure you check out our podcast “The Corner Booth” on Spotify, Apple and the blog. Mulraney and I are going to go in-depth on every game and give you our picks for who is going to come away as the Super Bowl Champion in a few weeks in Tampa Bay. Speaking of Tampa Bay, I love it, I am trying to convince the ProcrastiNation Princess to pack up the U-Haul and let me fulfill my dream of calling the Sunshine State home, but I digress, let’s get to the picks.

Saturday 1:05pm Colts vs Bills (-6.5) (O/U 51)
I have been saying it all year, I love the Bills, I told everyone on the podcast to take them as the AFC Champion as a future. I think it’s possible that I like this team more now than I did at the beginning of the season. I think the Colts are a good story and I love Head Coach Frank Reich and Phillip Rivers made me eat my words, I have called him overrated for a while but this season showed that if the Chargers put a decent defense around him for the last decade things could have been a lot different for San Diego football and perhaps kept the team there. I love Buffalo in this spot, aside from Patrick Mahomes if I had to start a franchise with a young Quarterback, Josh Allen would be my choice. The Bills ownership and front office has given Sean McDermott the opportunity to coach a phenomenal group of defensive players and this is the start of the Bills dominance in the AFC East for years to come. The Bills Mafia will be allowed back into the stadium, perhaps the only good decision that Cuomo has made, oh sorry, don’t know where that came from. Either way, Bills win and they win easy.

Origins of Bills Mafia rooted in social media

Saturday 4:40pm Rams vs Seahawks (-4) (O/U 42.5)
The Seahawks have been on my underrated list all year long, I love Russell Wilson, the problem with this team is it is all or nothing. They either come out and dominate or they lay a massive egg and with their defense, the egg is alive and well. They have one of the worst defensive secondaries these eyes have ever seen. The Rams are being insanely odd with the decision of whether to not play Goff, look, I am not a fan of Goff I think he is way overvalued and McVay hides a lot of his inefficiencies but you don’t bench your starter in this situation, it puts the team in a weird spot not just for this game but moving forward as well. If Goff plays, I think I like the Seahawks in a nail biter, if he doesn’t play then I can’t trust a backup QB in Seattle , let’s say Goff plays for argument sake.

Predicting the Seahawks starters on defense in 2020

Saturday 8:15pm Buccaneers vs Washington (-9) (O/U 46.5)
Tom Brady is my man crush, no doubt about that. I think the Bucs win this game but for some reason, nine points strikes me as a sucker bet, everybody and their mother is on the Bucs and I for one might be overthinking this but I think the Washington pass rush is going to be a little bit of a problem for Brady and the Bucs offensive front. . . . . . NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS, I am changing my tune, it is Tampa and Tommy in a blowout! They are hitting their stride offensively and Chase Young is running his mouth against the GOAT, Washington was a nice story but this season is a wrap.

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers show off in rout of Raiders

Sunday 1:05pm Ravens vs Titans (+3) (O/U 54.5)
This is the toughest game of the weekend for me to pick, I feel like everyone and their mother is discounting the Ravens but the money in the sportsbooks is coming in at just around 50/50. I think the Ravens being overlooked is not the smartest thing, they are a year older, a year wiser and have a phenomenal Head Coach in John Harbaugh. I don’t hate the Titans, I love their running attack and Derick Henry is the best HB in all of football, Tannehill is the X-Factor here and the Titans are getting NO RESPECT as a home underdog. Titans in a drag out brawl in the music city.

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Sunday 4:40pm Bears vs Saints (-10) (O/U 47)
Welcome to the blowout of all blowouts, the ass kickings of all ass kickings, Dome Sweet Dome. Brees and the Saints rumble to victory in an absolute beat down. The Bears have no business being in the post-season, they aren’t very good and I think this is going to be a laugher.

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Sunday 8:15pm Browns vs Steelers (-6) (O/U 47.5)
I absolutely hate the Browns, overvalued and stuffed to the brim with Covid issues. The Browns are going to get a lot of money put on them, I do think the Steelers will not make a deep playoff run but they stir up enough magic to win this game and they do it relatively easy. One last heroic performance from Big Ben before riding off into the sunset.

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