Top Ten ProcrastiNation Blogs of 2020

We’re closing out our first year here at ProcrastiNation and wanted to say thanks for clicking on all our stuff and perusing the work Scors and I put out this year. From Bowl Games to Bowl Games, from Spring Training one to Spring Training Two, and from restarts and stoppages, we covered a unique year in sports to the best of our ability.

20,000+ pageviews in year one. 5,500+ unique visitors. Over 10,000 podcast downloads. Over 200 WordPress followers. A breakout rookie season for a couple of people doing this part-time on a website they’re still trying to design. We’re hoping to do some big stuff when we can go out and be in the world post-COVID. But for now, we’re grateful and we’re going to share our top ten most read stories from this year.

A thousand thank you for the clicks, and now, let’s go down memory lane.

10) I Stand With Jay Cutler

In pop culture news, former NFL quarterback and slacker lifestyle guru, Smokin’ Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari called it splits during quarantine. Scors penned our tenth most read blog of the year, calling everyone to the defense of the former Chicago Bear, Miami Dolphin, and Denver Bronco.

See what everyone else has been enjoying here.

9) The Bachelor Episode III: Pillow Talk

It’s hard to believe that Pilot Pete and Scors don’t appear more often on this list. Scors broke down the airline pilot’s quest for love in a way that became much more popular as the season continued on. Some day we’ll get around to maybe doing a Bachelor podcast? Or maybe we already have one? Either way, relive the pre-COVID Bachelor of 2020 with this breakdown.

8) I’m Officially A Disney Guy

A longstanding Disney holdout, Scors converted to the Church of the Mouse in 2020. Scors and the ProcrastiNation Princess took a little vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth and documented it here.

7) The XFL Denied My Media Credentials

In an effort to appear more legitimate, I applied to be a credentialed media member of the XFL. Vince McMahon, my childhood’s favorite billionaire, had restarted the league for the Spring. I thought I was going to meet VKM and get to cover some above average football in the mean time. Unfortunately, ProcrastiNation was denied, and the league would fold a couple short weeks after the announcement. Luckily, The Rock purchased the rights to the league and will be bringing it back. So there’s another chance for us to get credentialed, and I won’t have to write something like this again.

6) Sports Conspiracy Vol. II: Lights Out At Camden Yards

Scors has an ongoing series listing out some of the sports world’s most famous conspiracy theories. The most read of which is the Cal Ripken Jr. streak elongating conspiracy of the lights going out at Camden Yards and preserving the streak. Open your third eye, and see the evidence for yourself.

5) Taylor Swift Sucks .. There, I Said It

I would never say this myself, but Scors would. As T-Swizzle puts out more albums this year, we’ve found more and more people clicking on this league and commiserating with him. In fact we’re the third link if you Google Taylor Swift Sucks. Something that’s good for SEO but bad for a proud Swiftie like myself.

4) Rob Manfred Sucks

Rob Manfred is the worst person at his job and his colleagues are Gary Bettman and Roger Goodell. That’s a new level of horrendous decision making and an outright effort to axe murder the very game he’s in charge of operating. Scors, a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan, gave it to Manfred after an offseason where he failed to properly punish the Houston Astros following their cheating scandal.

3) Disney Corp (ABC/ESPN) Has Eyes Set On Al Michaels

A little palace intrigue for one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting. It’s no secret that ABC/ESPN was looking to set their new Monday Night Football and wanted a big name like Michaels bringing in the viewers each week. Scors talked about what that meant here.

2) The Browns Give Swagger An Open Casket Funeral….

The death of a real life animal mascot is always devastating, and Scors wrote up a piece on the Cleveland Browns dog, Swagger, getting an open casket funeral.

1) Leaving The Past Behind: Dealing with Alcoholism, Anxiety, Paranoia & Depression

Scors gets personal and uses his own personal story to help those who may also be struggling with internal demons. This work helped countless people and encouraged them to continue their own battles against addiction. Even if you aren’t personally struggling, this is something everyone should read.