Wet The Beak Wednesday: Lets See That Cash

It’s the holiday season and I have arrived, like a degenerate, smoking, gambling addicted Santa Claus, wedging my fat ass onto your computer screens and delivering you some Wednesday night winners.

College Basketball is in full effect and if you are like me, you have been blowing money left and right by hammering as many hoop games as humanly possibly. Well guess what, we are Americans, we have no turn-off switch when it comes to gambling, the more the merrier. Oh I am only going to bet 3 games a night…. Make sure you clean the tear drops off of your skirt, WE ARE GOING ALL IN TONIGHT BABY! Max out your bank roll and lets get your Christmas shopping done early, follow Scors into the depths of hell and come out with a satchel full of cash.

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Oh wait, we also have the NBA pre-season so yes, all aboard the degenerate express because we are going to be rolling the dice on the good ol’ NBA pre-season, this and spring training baseball are the bottom of the barrel for gambling addicts.

The way to make some shells, tease, tease, tease. We got two teasers on the agenda for tonight:

Teaser #1
Arizona State -7.5
Duke +2.5
Mississippi State -10.5
Syracuse -11.5

Teaser #2
Trail Blazers +10
Lakers +2.5
Bulls +7.5
Knicks +4.5

Now we can focus on singling some games out and there is a boatload to choose from but these are my picks of the night:
Miami +3
Oklahoma State -5
Villanova -12.5
Duke -3.5
Arizona State -13.5
Knicks -1.5
Bulls +1.5

Speaking of hoops coverage, Mulraney is slaying the Knicks coverage. 2021 is to the moon for this blog, stay tuned.