Giants Lay An Egg; Daniel Jones Still Isn’t Good At Playing Quarterback

In a game the Giants had to have, a game that would have cleared the way for their first playoff appearance in five years the New York Football Giants forgot to show up. They were out executed in every aspect of the game and it resulted in the game never being close and the Arizona Cardinals securing a major win in the NFC playoff race.

I have been a New York Giant fan since the womb and if no other Giants fans are going to grow some cajones and step up and say the obvious, then I will. Daniel Jones sucks, plain and simple, in a must win game, during a playoff race to throw for 127 yards is in a word… pathetic.

Giants fans tell me i am too negative or too hard on Daniel Jones and that he is going to be “great” well before we fit him for his gold jacket he has to play, decent, he isn’t doing that. This is a league of the here and now, not what you might potentially be in a few years and right now, Daniel Jones is not the answer.


Sixteen turnovers and eight touchdown passes this season, in eleven games. That is not a recipe for success at the quarterback position. You can’t tell me that he’s young and he’s developing. The league has changed and there are first and second and third year quarterbacks who are lightyears better than Daniel Jones right now. In 2020 when your starting quarterback has five games of sub 200 yards passing when your starting running back is Wayne Gallman, I think there needs to be some type of cause for concern.

I will give the kid the benefit of the doubt in terms of the offensive line play, that shit is terrible but you need to have some type of pocket awareness and not drop the ball anytime a gust of wind hits you. I really do think that Colt McCoy is the better quarterback for this team at this time, the game leadership in Seattle last week is exactly what this team needs down the stretch if they hope to hold onto this potential playoff berth.

The Giants have three games remaining and realistically they will have to win two games to get into the post-season, potentially they have to sweep the board. They play Cleveland on Sunday Night Football next week at home, on Christmas weekend they travel to Baltimore and they wrap up the 2020 season in the Meadowlands against the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys, who are still alive, beat the Bengals today to improve to 4-9. There is nothing that gets me excited about the Giants playing at home, they have struggled immensely at home since about roughly 2001. The Giants in my opinion have the most pointless home field advantage in the NFL, I have zero confidence at home, I can name the big wins at home in the last 20 years.

1. 2000 NFC Championship
2. 2011 NFC Wild Card Round vs Atlanta
3. 2011 Week 17 vs Dallas

There you go, I did it! I love this coaching staff, I think it is time to let Jones get “healthy” and turn the keys of this stumbling bumbling rumbling football team over to Colt McCoy for the rest of the season and then re-address the quarterback position in the off-season.