The New York Football Giants Are Leading The NFC East

We are here on November 30th 2020 and the New York Giants sit a top the NFC East. He is not going to win the award but Joe Judge will be my NFL Coach of the Year, to take this team and get them to play meaningful games into December is as impressive as creating fire from a stick and a rock. Yes, I realize the division is quite possibly the worst division in the history of sports but when you are completely rebuilding as the Giants are, the ability to play meaningful football in the first year of a new coaches regime is going to be experience that is worth its weight in gold.

The Giants defense once again showed up and over performed, a defensive unit that does not have an all-star defense but has been coached up and has been way better than the Giants defensive blunders we have seen over the last seven seasons. Blake Martinez has proven to be a phenomenal off-season signing and for all the grief that Dave Gettleman gets, he needs to be praised for that signing. Joe Judge and the performance of this young Giants team might end up being enough to keep Gettleman from getting fired, although, I highly doubt he will be back next season.

Daniel Jones was injured in Sunday’s victory over the beat-up Cincinnati Bengals and it looks as if he could miss significant time. The beauty of having Eli Manning under center without ever missing a start was a fortunate display for Giants fans and now we will know how the other half lives and get to have a backup QB come in and play, in meaningful football games nonetheless. With that being said, it is time for the Colt McCoy gun slinging show to invade East Rutherford. He is a veteran who has poise and at times has shown signs of brilliance when coming off the bench in the past. The good news is that Daniel Jones likely will return before the end of the season but I think we will be getting at least two games of Colt under center for Big Blue.

Now, I am a realist, the Giants do not have ONE easy game remaining on their schedule. There are five games left and they are playing four games against teams with winning records and the Dallas Cowboys, our greatest division rival. The giants five remaining games:
@ Seattle – Yikes
vs Arizona – Not impossible
vs Cleveland – Winnable
@ Baltimore – Doesn’t look great
vs Dallas – Giants win by 70 points

According to my expert calculations, if the Giants can find a way to win three of the next five games they will win the division easily. If they win two of the next five, they could still possible win the division, so yes, a 6-10 NFC East Champion could easily happen. The Giants were 1-7 before rattling off the next three wins to get them to become the leader in the NFC East.

Time to tighten up the boot straps and get ready for battle on the gridiron in the month of December. Let’s Go Big Blue!!