Scors Is On A Hot Streak : CHOO CHOO All Aboard The Money Train

Show me your bookie and I will rip his heart out and shove it down his throat. I am on an absolute heater, up so many units that if you were following the Scors Express you would be swimming in a pile of cash up to your ceiling. I am going to put my hot streak on the line and give you all of my picks for the NFL Sunday slate.

The NFL is far and away the hardest league in the world to handicap but on a Sunday in November it would be un-American to not throw our hats into the ring of gambling and fire from the hip. I went on an impressive 3-0 streak on Thanksgiving Day in the NFL, hammering the Texans, Washington and the over in the Houston/Detroit game. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your wife’s family look at you like you have a second head growing out of your body while you are screaming at a television set and whipping up mashed taters at the same time. Side note, I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner and absolutely hit a home run, I don’t like to say that I am the whole package but you do the math ya’ turds.

My full card for tomorrow consists of sixteen bets, but I will give you folks my top six games of the day. Three early and three late bets to help end your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend on a high note.

Buffalo Bills (-4.5) vs Los Angeles Chargers
New York Giants (-6) @ Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns (-7) @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Tampa Bay Bucs (+3.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams (-6.5) vs San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks (-6) @ Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens (+8) @ Pittsburgh Steelers ** Tuesday Night