PLAY THE MUSIC RANDY!!! IN A YEAR THAT HAS BEEN SO IMPROBABLE, THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED! The Los Angeles Dodgers have won our first World Championship since 1988. The final out was made and I picked up my phone and called my Grandfather, the man who made me a Dodgers fan, all the heartbreak was so worth it, the final out was the greatest moment of my life, aside from marrying the ProcrastiNation Princess. When the ProcrastiNation Princess and I have our son, we will be naming him COREY ANTHONY – In honor of the World Series MVP Corey Seager, he was an absolute unit in both the NLCS and World Series, you can’t say enough about his performance.

Let’s start by saying that Kevin Cash is an IDIOT. Blake Snell was shoving it down our throat and as soon as he exited the game it was like waving a streak in front of a rabid dog, the Dodgers responded and took the lead and never looked back. Snell looked like he was going to murder Kevin Cash on the field like Russell Crowe in the Gladiator and honestly, nobody would have blamed him, this might go down as the worst managerial decision in baseball history. All I can say to Kevin Cash, is THANK YOU! This is another example of why analytics cannot be trusted in the post-season, this game has been played for over 100 years and this is why you cannot rely on the nerds from the Ivy League to make decisions for your team when it matters the most. As much as Kevin Cash will get blamed for this, that decision came from the higher ups and what the “book” says, Cash should have stood up for his team and his pitcher and he didn’t and I guarantee that decision will haunt him.

Mookie Betts is worth every penny, when we needed him, he doubled, scored on a ground ball and hit a massive home run in the 8th to give us a two run lead. Julio Urias has balls of steel and has solidified himself as a Dodgers legend for the rest of time. Clayton Kershaw has removed the piano off of his back and is now arguably the greatest pitcher of all-time, he had two wins in this World Series and to see the joy in his face after this win was incredible, it is well deserved. Let’s give Dave Roberts the credit finally, he managed phenomenally in game 5 and game 6 and as much as I have blasted him, he has earned his keeps and I am so happy for him, he seems like such a phenomenal guy. Roberts learned from his mistakes and playing the analytics, instead he made the right moves and he deserves this ring as much as anyone. He guaranteed victory and he came through for his team, that’s an unreal job by him. The most beautiful thing about this team is that they are so good and they have young players and guys in their prime and this is the first step into running the dominance train for years to come. We are already looking towards next year and this team is going to be so good for such a long time, as a fan, you can’t ask for more than that. Although we want to start our own dynasty, this title, during this time is so special and this one will certainly last a lifetime.

I honestly didn’t know if I was ever going to experience and I am so excited to watch all these games back and relax and enjoy it, when your team is in that situation it is so tough to enjoy it until it is over, you are on edge, nervous and expecting the worst. At least that’s how Dodgers fans felt after years and years of heartbreak and misfortune during the month of October.

We did it, we are the World Champions. This song resonated with me, it wasn’t as bad as the Cubs drought but this song epitomizes what it’s like to be a fanbase that is searching for a championship. The Dodgers are the World Champions!

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