Dodgers Hang On For A Game 5 Victory; We Are One Win Away From Being World Series Champions!

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t dominance, it wasn’t Koufax or Drysdale or even Hershiser but it was a gritty and tough pitching performance by Clayton Kershaw. The greatest pitcher of his generation who has been historically bad in some of the biggest post-season spots in the last twelve years was able to silence the critics after leading the Dodgers to a game five victory. Kershaw improved to 2-0 with a 2.31 ERA in the 2020 World Series and the Dodgers now lead 3-2 and are on the verge of winning their first World Championship since 1988.

There was some real nerve wracking innings during this game but when Blake Treinen threw the final pitch of the inning to secure the victory for the Dodgers, I yelped with euphoria, the realization that we are one win away from the World Series title is a powerful feeling. With saying all that, I don’t think we will win game 6, the pitching matchup is definitely not in our favor. Tony Gonsolin has looked below average thus far this post-season, the silver lining is that we have an off-day before game 6 to rest our bullpen because at this juncture in the series, it is desperately needed.

I think all Dodger fans need to seriously prepare themselves for a game 7, I would be pleasantly shocked if we ended this series tomorrow night in six games. Blake Snell is a great pitcher, if the Dodgers want to win game 6, they need to strike early and often and continue the onslaught on left handed pitching that they have delivered this post-season. The Dodgers offense has been superior and if the bullpen could have done their job in game 4, this series would already be over but that’s not the case. If you told me that the Dodgers had an opportunity to win one of two games to become the World Series Champions, I would have signed up for that. Even with a loss in game 6, I couldn’t be more confident with Walker Buehler on the bump for game 7 of the World Series. Buehler is becoming one of the best big-game/post-season pitchers in the league and with him on the mound with four days rest in a game 7, he will have a long leash, he will be the arm we have to ride to the World Championship.

This is a weird feeling for me as a die-hard Dodgers fan, the confidence is there and it’s the World Series, this team has been great all year but the previous seasons still allow doubt to creep in and every real Dodgers fan is expecting the ultimate heartbreak. The idea of the Dodgers coming out swinging and pile driving Tampa Bay for a game 6 victory seems way too good to be true. It seems that almost the final test of exercising the demons would be to win a World Series in a winner take all game 7. I hope that the Baseball Gods smile upon us and allow us to find a way to win game 6, that would be such a less stressful situation that I frankly think Dodger fans deserve, we have been through so much and a nice easy game 6 victory would be such a beautiful experience. No chance that happens. Prepare for game 7.

Randy! Cue the music!