Back Down Into The Pit Of Sadness; Dodgers Lose In Devastating Fashion; Series Tied 2-2

The Dodgers were one strike away, not once but twice from taking a strangle hold on the 2020 World Series and going up three games to one. Then, chaos ensued, a base hit, an error, a dropped ball, two runs score in the bottom of the ninth and the Rays have climbed out of the shit pile to even the series at two games a piece.

Look, I don’t know what to say, I am going to try to formulate some thoughts here and let you guys in on my mindset but it is bad right now, I am in a sad, confused and pissed off frame of mind. I was texting my Grandfather who has been a Dodgers fan since 1950 throughout the game. At one point I asked him “Why did you make me love this franchise”? He responded with the most funny, sad and perfect response “I needed someone to share my misery with Pal”. Last night was hands down the worst loss in my life, I have seen this team get absolutely crushed in my life, here are some to name a few, a nice stroll down memory lane with Scors:

– Matt Stairs into the night of LA
– Rollins in the gap
– Matt Adams off Kershaw
– Cardinals explode off Kershaw
– Daniel Murphy buries us alive
– Up 2-1 on Chicago
– Jansen blows a potential 2-0 lead vs Houston
– Game 5 in Houston
– Game 7, Astros win
– Bullpen blows the series tying game vs Boston
– Rendon and Soto back-to-back off Kershaw
– Last night .. the worst of them all

This is my life, year after year, it is absolute heartbreak but goddamn do I love this team, organization and the way of life that is Dodgers baseball. I may have made a deal with the devil, after continuous losses before the World Series from 2008-2016 I said, just let us get to the World Series, I don’t care if we win it. Well, I have had that dream fulfilled, three times to the World Series in the last four years and I will continue to go back and lose as opposed to never going. With saying all that, I still believe in this 2020 version of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I have to, we have come too far and battled too hard to jump ship now. The drama that is baseball is amazing, tonight, in game 5, the greatest pitcher of a generation who has been lit up like a Christmas tree for the better part of his post-season career has a chance to exercise the demons and put the Dodgers one win away from their first World Championship since 1988. That man, Clayton Kershaw NEEDS to carry the load tonight and not allow this to become a bullpen game, because, shockingly enough for the 15th straight season the Dodgers bullpen chokes when it matters most.

This team just faced a 3-1 deficit in the NLCS and I wasn’t panicked and frankly if we didn’t lose in such horrific fashion last night a 2-2 series tie wouldn’t seem bad at all, it is the nature in which the Rays tied this series. The key now is to clean the slate, erase the memory of last night and just focus on winning two out of the next three games, that’s what great teams are able to do, so the question is, are the Dodgers that caliber of team. They sure as hell seemed like they were during the NLCS when they broke the hearts of Atlanta, coming out of a huge hole but they need to find a way to combat the momentum, the Rays are riding high and Clayton Kershaw must be the stopper the Dodgers need.

From a positive standpoint, the Dodgers offense is clicking, they need to put the pedal to the metal tonight and give Kershaw some breathing room early. I expect the Dodgers to come out laser focused tonight and in my opinion, the winner of this game tonight will be the eventual World Series Champion. Corey Seager is an absolute unit right now, as is Arozerena for Tampa Bay but if the Dodgers win this World Series I will be naming my first born son Corey. That is a Scors guarantee, actually, if they win, whoever the MVP of the series will be honored with the naming right. I am personally hoping for Mookie or Kike.

Look, I realize that it is tough to fold up the tent and leave town after losing last nights game and immediately following the game, I was crushed. I am nearly thirty years old and this team still means so much to me, it is the beauty of baseball, I am so invested in something that has very little to do with me, fandom is a phenomenal study in the human experience. I need this, maybe more than anything, I would trade a lot and do a lot of weird things to see the Dodgers be the 2020 World Series Champion. I have turned my devastation from last night into excitement for tonight, for this game, the biggest game in Kershaw’s career, the biggest game in my life as a Dodgers fan, game five, with a win, you are 27 outs away from a World Championship.

Randy, hold off on cueing up the music, we need to focus.