Weekend Money Train Is Pulling Into The Station!

CHOO-CHOO ass wipes! The Scors conducted money train is here and it is time for you all to hop on and let me navigate you to the promised land. As many of you know, I was getting destroyed the last few weeks but we have made a remarkable recovery out of the dumpster and are now on the cusp of being back in the green. Green equals money, cold hard cash is needed. The holidays are rapidly approaching and there are only nine Saturday’s until Christmas, so focus on the relatives you hate and have to buy gifts for, this money is for them!

I am the top of guy who wants to give you options, I am going to give you seven NCAA games, five NFL games and a couple baseball sprinklers just so you can really go all in and hide your betting slip from your wife; a dance that I know all to well. There is something about the end of October that just feels synonymous with gambling. It’s a simple and such an enjoyable routine. You finish up work on Friday, order some food, World Series and Friday Night Football, wake up, golf, back in time for College Gameday and repeat these steps through the weekend until midnight on Sunday when the NFL game is wrapping up. It is really a beautiful and unhealthy weekend, it’s perfect. I actually am giddy when writing that routine out. I feel horrible for you if you do not like sports or you don’t like to gamble on sports, it is truly a rush and happiness that everyone should experience. If everyone in our country did this there would be so much more unity and happiness because we could just focus all our anger and unhappiness with our bookies, the sportsbook or some dumbass team who got back door covered. We need to come together, sports and losing money can do that. No need to worry, you are not losing money. Here are my picks for the weekend, you can thank me later:

Illinois (+19.5)
Oklahoma State (-3.5)
Penn St. (-5.5)
West Virginia (-3)
NC State (+15.5)
LSU (-6)
Michigan (-3)

Packers (-3.5)
Bills (-12)
Panthers (+7.5)
Steelers (+1)
Seahawks (-3.5)

Dodgers ML Game 3
Dodgers -1.5 runs Game 3
Dodgers ML Game 4
Dodgers -1.5 runs Game 4
Dodgers ML Game 5
Dodgers -1.5 runs Game 5
Dodgers to win 2020 World Series