The Kat Ladies Episode 12: The Most Romantic Story Ever (featuring Gabby from co-mads)

Hello friends, it’s Monday and that only means one thing: The Kat Ladies is back.

On this week’s pod Kristen welcomes Gabby from co-mads to the couch and they talk romance and traveling. When is the right time to go traveling with your significant other, what happens when you meet someone on vacation, and you are welcomed into the most romantic story ever.

Gabby founded co-mads, a travel and tourism marketing company that focuses on social impact in the areas where they are visiting. You can learn more about co-mads here:

The girls are sponsored by Champe! Check it out and prepare for their release next year:

(Also I screwed up posting the Kat Ladies podcast two weeks ago so I am hoping I did it correctly this time. I posted it late and forgot the logo. Hand up. That’s on me. Be sure to listen to the girls on Spotify and iTunes as well.)