I LOVE LA!! Dodgers Going Back To The World Series!

What a ride! We finally threw the analytics out the window and played old-school baseball to win the National League Pennant for the third time in four years. I told all of you that if the Dodgers could find a way to force a game six then we would win the series and that’s exactly what this ball club did. This was the greatest victory in my Dodgers fandom history, to be down 3-1 in the series and find yourself down in an early hole, the comeback, the decision making and everything that went with it was absolutely fantastic.

Look, I have bashed Dave Roberts numerous times but to see the love he has for his players and his non-analytic decision making to leave Julio Urias in the game for the final nine outs was the decision making that all Dodger fans needed to see. During the trophy presentation, an emotional Roberts spoke about the wild year 2020 has been, how the team stuck together, the social injustice that our country has seen and with all that, he proclaimed “This is our year”. It’s not Joe Namath vs the Colts but it’s pretty damn close, and I for one absolutely love it. In years past, Roberts would have relied on what the front office said but it shows that baseball is still won and lost by decision making and coming up in big moments, Dave Roberts showcased his managerial maturity and all of Dodger Nation must feel like this is a turning point for him as the manager of this team, he finally trusted himself.

Cody Bellinger will never have to pay for another drink or meal in Los Angeles for the rest of his natural born life. To hit a go-ahead home run in that situation is the stuff that legends are made of. I have ripped Bellinger unmercifully in the past but I will never utter another negative word about this kid. An absolute career defining clutch at-bat that might change the course of this franchise’s history.

The role players on this team had the biggest at-bats aside from Bellinger. Kike Hernandez with a monstrous home run and Will Smith with a huge two run single to tie the game up early on. This team is so deep and when the backs were against the wall in a 3-1 hole, the role players provided some of the biggest at-bats and clutch moments on a team full of superstars. Corey Seager, who is now 100% healthy was able to showcase just how great of a player he is, he deservingly so won the NLCS MVP and let the baseball world know that he is one of the best shortstops in the entire game.

In a baseball world where we overlook defensive prowess the Dodgers proved that you can never underestimate how defensive plays can swing momentum. The plays by Mookie Betts in the outfield, the leadership and heads up play by the leader Justin Turner will be remembered forever by Dodgers fans.

Look, I am in the blogging business so it is my responsibility to make predictions. So, I believe this Dodgers team will finally get the piano off of their back and win the franchise’s first World Championship since 1988. I think the Dodgers will wipe the floor with the Rays and win this in five games. I have had my heart broken in the World Series and I know that I am so fortunate as a fan to experience the World Series three times in four years. I have always said that the World Series is the cherry on top of the sundae that is the season so regardless of if we win it is a phenomenal experience. This year is different, as Dave Roberts said, THIS IS OUR YEAR, it is time for Dem’ Bums to finally win one and start the next decade of baseball dominance with a group of young players and veteran leadership that is poised to keep this train rolling for the foreseeable future.