Dodgers Live Blog: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

We suck. We can’t hit. Some fat dude is shoving it down our throats. Kershaw is the biggest choke artist in professional sports history. I have no defense anymore, the veil of confidence has been ripped off and the Braves are one win away from going to the World Series by the looks of things.

I think it is officially time to smash the panic button, I had confidence coming into this game but now the thought of getting to game six seems like it might be a reach. I still believe that if we can find a way to get to game six I like our chances because we get to throw Buehler in game six and in game seven anything can happen.

Tonight was a beat down, the Dodgers offense looked absolutely horrendous, by the sixth inning I could already feel what was coming. I have seen this gut wrenching movie before and it gets played on repeat every October since I was thirteen years old. I will save my outlook on this team and the off-season and what they need moving forward this weekend when I write the Dodgers 2020 obituary and I will have to admit to be a giant shit head idiot for believing that my Los Angeles Dodgers could actually win the World Series.

The Dodgers are currently in the midst of getting whacked all over the yard and the Braces have had a 36 run 6th inning. So, now we have to look ahead to Game 5 and find a way to win and get the ball to Buehler, see, this is why I am dumb, I am live talking myself into this dumpster can of a franchise that I choose to root for. I will still be sitting here 35 years from now at 62 years old watching the 1988 World Series on DVD saying, “well next year will be our year”. HAHAHAHAH Future Scors, you’re a big moron just like the current version of your chubby dumb self.

Okay, so I woke up this morning and I have spin zoned this like a big idiot. If we win tonight, then we get Walker Big Balls Buehler in game 6 who has been phenomenal in big games in his young post-season career and then in game 7 all the pressure will be on the Braves and anything can happen.

Look, taking this crushing L on Kirk Gibson Day was a big time let down but it ain’t over til’ it’s over and I can’t jump ship. That’s not my style, I am a Dodger fan until the end of time, I love this team, this organization and we are very capable of winning three games in a row. Spin zone spin zone spin zone. RANDY CUE THE MUSIC, WE NEED YA NOW BABY!!!