11 Runs In The First Inning. Is That Good?

The text messages came flooding in, everyone busting my chops about the Dodgers being down 2-0. Every loser friend that I have who roots for trash franchises were getting their rocks off by texting me before game three of the NLCS and for some reason they were astonishingly quiet last night. . . Perhaps, it was because the Dodgers exploded for eleven first inning runs and they pushed their foot on the gas and pounded the Braves 15-3 to make it a series, one in which that I predicted the Dodgers would win.

Tonight is the game, tonight is the series defining game, whoever wins tonight will most likely win this series. If we go down 3-1 I won’t say it’s over but if we can even this series up at two, this is done, the Dodgers will be going to the World Series. Look, Clayton Kershaw has been good so far this post-season and I believe this is a legacy defining game, if he loses this game in a disastrous way, I can no longer defend him at all. My confidence has drifted with Kershaw through the years but I think tonight he shows up and evens this series. The advantage is with the Dodgers, the Braves are fresh out of quality arms until game 6 of this series. The Dodgers must take advantage of this and win game four and five against some of the worst post-season arms that you can possibly imagine. The Dodgers will have an opportunity to solidify my belief in them by winning tonight’s ballgame, if they lose, then that doubt will begin to creep in and I will have been bamboozled once again, for the last thirteen years, hope would be ripped out from underneath me yet again.

Look, I didn’t panic when we were down 0-2 and even if we drop tonight’s game, I will be concerned but I still believe we have the capability to win three games in a row. Tonight is such a huge game, with a win we are guaranteed a game 6 and I don’t see the Dodgers losing this series, call me crazy but I have faith in our guys. Offensively, we got the guys on track that were so desperately in need of some big hits. We had Bellinger and Muncy have huge games, Betts stayed on track and Corey Seager when healthy is an amazing ballplayer and he is showing why the Dodgers held onto him and the type of player he can be for the next decade. Perhaps, I am not panicked because this team is going to be unreal for the next ten years, is that a cop out and bracing myself for defeat? Well, old habits die-hard but I don’t think that’s the case, I love this team and the excitement to know that you will not only be competitive but have the ability to win the World Championship every season for the next decade is an awesome feeling.

The texts are rolling in from my friends and family saying “hopefully Kershaw doesn’t get a scratched start again because of broken nail” HAHAHAHHAHA wow! We got the next Eddie Murphy on our hands here, if i didn’t know any better I would be certain that 2004 Dane Cook just fired off a text to me. Hey everybody, kiss my Italian-American ass, pucker up and lay the smooch down, Kershaw is shoving tonight. The Mayor of ShoveTown U.S.A. is in the house and he is handing out tickets to the pine saloon to the Braves lineup. LEGACY DEFINING GAME tonight, to even the NLCS and put the Dodgers in the driver’s seat and only two wins away from the World Series.

So, let’s do the damn thing, time to buckle down, push the chips to the middle of the table and tell everyone to shit or get off the pot. RANDY HIT THE MUSIC!!!!!!