You Wanna Get Nuts? Let’s Get Nuts: Still Not Nervous

I am not nervous, I said to all of you guys that I would smash the panic button if the Dodgers fell behind 3-0. They haven’t yet and frankly there is not one team in the league that I don’t think we can beat four times before they beat us twice. Look, this is not an ideal situation and I didn’t think that we would be in this situation but it’s not the end of the world and I will give you a few reasons:

1) The Dodgers late inning game 2 rally – This is the wake up call we needed, the bats were awful and then all of a sudden boom. Seager, Betts, Muncy and Bellinger all with huge hits as the Dodgers came up short in the 8-7 loss. They were down 7-0, 8-3 and were 90 feet away from tying the game. This is the type of offense that we needed to see to build some momentum.

2) The Braves are out of pitching – They are throwing some meatballer tomorrow and have already announced that games four and five will be bullpen games. Well their bullpen sucks and the Dodgers will have no problem putting up runs on that depleted setup they are about to toss at us.

3) The Dodgers have the better pitching matchups – Tomorrow night the Dodgers have their hottest arm on the bump in Julio Urias, in game four Clayton Kershaw will supposedly remove the heating pad from his back and decide to pitch. In game 5, Dustin May will square off against a variety of Braves relievers and then in game 6 it is Walker Buehler.

Look, I am livid with Dave Roberts who I believe should be fired if the Dodgers don’t go to the World Series. He struggles managing the bullpen in the postseason, he sticks with guys too long in the lineup and pulls the hot bats like Hernandez and makes me suffer through more Chris Taylor at bats. Roberts gave up tonight and felt like he couldn’t chase the game when it was 3-0 and 5-0 Braves. That decision cost the Dodgers this ball game. Instead of seeing Graterol, Gonzalez, Treinen and Jansen, Roberts decided to go with guys who haven’t thrown all post season in the ultimate mail in move. This decision making would have been a mute point if the Dodgers didn’t storm back but now that the one run loss looms heavy, Roberts should be called out for this huge mistake. I still think the Dodgers will win in spite of Roberts and his shitty decision making in the seasons most important time.

I believe the Dodgers will still win this series. If there is a game 6, the Dodgers will win this series. Yes, get to a game six and it’s ours, whether we are down 3-2 or ahead 3-2, if a game six is played the Dodgers will be advancing to their third World Series in four years. I would like to cover my bases by saying in 1977 and 1978 the Dodgers lost the World Series, in 2017 and 2018 they lost the World Series, they won it in 1981 sooooooo 2021 seems to be like a guarantee, Dodgers history repeating itself.

Until then, I am not giving up, I would have been shitting bricks in years past but for some reason I still have confidence, the matchups are in our favor and it might be a long exhausting process to win four in a row but we are capable of doing it, get this to a game six and it is ours. Let’s go Dodgers! I am putting all my chips in the middle of the table, we are going back to the World Series.