Do I look Nervous?

I laugh in the face of this absurd question, am I nervous? I am a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, I know heartbreak better than the nerdy kid on prom night, it takes a lot more than a game one loss to make me nervous. As a Dodgers fan, we all own a panic button and at the end of the season you tuck it away for the winter and lately you have to wait until the following October to break it out. Well let me give you the rundown of my panic-o-meter. I have discovered where I put the panic button from last year, if we lose game two I will remove it from it’s case and not until we are down 3-0 in this series will I smash the panic button.

It was just announced as I type this that Clayton Kershaw is experiencing back spasms and will not be pitching tonight, Tony Gonsolin will start in his place. I am still not concerned, I love Gonsolin and this now becomes a must win for Atlanta. If the Dodgers beat the Braves little boy wonder Ian Anderson who is about to get shelled like an oyster on a warm memorial day afternoon then the Braves have to face Urias, Kershaw and May with Buehler waiting in the wings. That is a tall order for a team that is fresh out of starting pitching following game two and will have to piece it together with bullpen arms until they can get back to the top of rotation in game 6.

The 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers were not as good of a team as the current 2020 version and that team also dropped game 1 of the NLCS and were eventually down 2-1 to Milwaukee before bouncing back and winning the series in 7. It is good to put this into perspective and why there is no real reason to panic just yet. I still believe the Dodgers will win this series in five games, I have faith in pulling off a win tonight and then having the pitching matchups be an extraordinary advantage in the Dodgers favor for the remainder of this series.

Look last night was a well pitched game for the Dodgers until the ninth inning when Treinen gave up an absolute missile into the night of Texas and because of the low scoring nature of the game it felt like he gave up a fourteen run homer. The Dodgers need to be better offensively in game two, that’s stating the obvious. I am over the Will Smith and Chris Taylor experience. Roberts needs to bench Smith in favor of Austin Barnes and let Joc Pederson takes some hacks instead of Chris Taylor. I would like to see Pollock move up to hit in the two hole and drop Corey Seager to cleanup, he has been the Dodgers most consistent player this entire season. If I was the Dodgers manager, which I should be, here would be my game two lineup:
1. Betts – RF
2. Pollock – LF
3. Turner – 3B
4. Seager – SS
5. Hernandez – 2B
6. Bellinger – CF
7. Barners – C
8. Muncy – 1B
9. Pederson – DH

If the Dodgers don’t want to win for themselves or any of us loyal fans can we at least get it done for Tommy Lasorda, the guy is holding on by a piece of spaghetti just yearning to see another Dodgers World Championship. So figure it the hell out, at least for Tommy. RANDY CUE THE MUSIC!!!!