Dodgers Leave No Doubt; Advance To NLCS

It was the exclamation point on the sweep of your division rivals. The Dodgers absolutely hammered the Padres depleted pitching staff en route to a game three victory in the NLDS. The Dodgers swept the series and now will set their championship sights on the Atlanta Braves who demolished the Marlins in a sweep. The Dodgers and Braves are both 5-0 this post season and for the first time all year they will playing in front of fans, Globe Life Park in Texas is allowing 11,500 fans for the NLCS and the World Series.

These two teams met in the 2018 NLDS, the Dodgers exposed of the Braves in four games advancing to take on the Milwaukee Brewers who they would eventually beat in seven games to capture their second straight NL Pennant. The stakes are high for the Dodgers, they are expected to win, the Braves have nothing to lose, they are going to be the underdog everywhere you look and every “expert” will be picking the Dodgers to move through this series and take on the Astros or the winner of Rays/Yankees in the World Series.

Look, I told you, the Dodgers have snapped my heart in two many times throughout my life but I have to admit, this feels different, I feel like I am finally not going to get hurt. So, inevitably this is going to be the most crushing heartbreak of all if they do indeed lose to the Atlanta Braves. I have said it to as many people as humanly possible, if you get to the World Series the rest is gravy. I firmly believe that, if the Dodgers can defeat the Braves and go to their third World Series in four years, I will be ecstatic.

I will be honest with all of you, the Braves don’t scare me. There I said it. I think the Dodgers run through this series and as my colleague and buddy Mulraney would say “gentleman’s sweep” the Braves. That’s right, Dodgers in 5 is the official prediction. If the Dodgers win the first two games of this series it is over. There is logic behind this. The Dodgers are the only team all season to not lose three games in a row, in this hyper focused environment and with this teams history the Dodgers are laser focused on winning their first title since 88′ they are not losing three games in a row and frankly, I don’t think they lose two in a row. Their goal, worst case scenario, go into game 6 up 3-2 and this thing is over. Plain and simple for the Boys in Blue.