National League Division Series Preview

The playoffs are in full swing, last night we watched the Yankees show why they are the scariest team in the mix and the A’s continue the post-season choke session in the American League Division Series. Today, the National League, AKA the Varsity Division will begin the Division Series in Texas. If any of you are dedicated readers to this blog, you know that I live and die with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I am frightened by this playoff run, for the first time in my life, I think the Dodgers are going to win the World Series, I don’t foresee any heartbreak. I realize this is foolish and I will most likely be struck down in the most heartbreaking fashion that the baseball gods can muster up, I realize that possibility. I wish I could tell you that I am afraid of the San Diego Padres but i’m not, plain and simple, their pitching staff does not have the talent to beat this Dodgers team. Give me a break with the Braves and Marlins, have fun winning your divisional series and get steam rolled by the Dodgers. Yes, I know, this is so dumb of me, but I can’t help it, I think this is finally our year.

So let’s jump to the conclusion of the Dodgers and Padres series, I think the Dodgers win this in four games. I think they go up 2-0, lose game three and finish the deal in game four. In and out with no real hiccups to speak of. If Buehler’s blister doesn’t act up in game 1 then that will be shove city USA, if the blister does act up then we go to Urias out of the pen for the duration and he has been excellent. Flip the script to game 2 and they get to face Kershaw who just carved up the Brewers, yes, in a playoff game, tossing 8 scoreless innings and striking out THIRTEEN. If the Kershaw curse is broken then I feel sorry for the rest of the playoff field, he looked like he was on a mission, the velocity was up, the curveball was devastating and he looked like 2011 Clayton Kershaw. It appears that the shortened season has done wonders for Kershaw, the future hall of famer needs one more thing to be the greatest pitcher to ever live and that is a World Championship. Depending on if Urias is used in game one, he could be the potential game 3 starter with Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin ready to go as well. The Dodgers bullpen this season has been phenomenal, their achilles heel for the last number of seasons seems to be corrected and perhaps this allows the starters to pitch with more confidence and less pressure knowing that the ball is being turned over to a lock down bullpen.

I will admit that the Padres are exciting and the offense just keeps coming at you but there is not one pitcher on the Padres staff who gets me nervous and good pitching will shut down good hitting the majority of the time. The Dodgers have that shut down type of pitching staff and I think it is going to be a lot to handle for this inexperienced Padres lineup.

In the other series, the NL East is showcased with the Atlanta Braves and the biggest surprise of the baseball season, the Miami Marlins. The Marlins have never lost a post-season series in their team’s history, two post-seasons in 97′ and 03′, two world titles. The Braves are in the same boat as the Dodgers, they have been in the post-season my entire life and have come away with just won championship, all the way back in 95′. Shoutout to Marty Hart and Rust Cole, if you know you know, Ninety Five. I will be shocked if the Marlins make it through this series, I am rooting for them because I am a big Don Mattingly guy but I think the Braves are just all around a better team. I think the Braves sweep this series.

Nothing better than post-season baseball. Let’s do it.