NFL Week 4: Sunday Morning Picks

Scors is finally off the losing streak, we had a winning day yesterday in college football going 4-2 and now it is time to set our sights on making moves in the NFL. Let’s be honest, the NFL has kicked our ass so far this season but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The board is starting to look a lot clearer but the downside to my optimism is that COVID-19 is ripping through various NFL teams as of this morning. We have already had two games postponed, one of them being the marquee matchup between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. If we lose the NFL it is going to be devastating but I do think that the world is starting to learn how to deal with COVID and the cancellation of things does not seem to be the answer, the push forward theory seems to be the move so I am hopeful that we do not lose the rest of this season.

If you tune into our ProcrastiNation Pick Em’ Show that is available here and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, you can get all of mine and Mulraney’s picks. We both are at .500 for this season so in the grand scheme of things it could be a lot worse.

It is time for me to help give you a phenomenal end to your weekend. It is time for my top five picks for the Sunday slate:

5. Bucs -7
4. Saints -4
3. Ravens -14
2. Bears ML
1. Bears +3

** Honorable Mention ** – Cowboys -4 and Eagles +7.5 and Rams -13.5