It’s A Thursday Money Making Extravaganza!

Hello fellow degenerates, I have come once again (haha) to give you the picks to pad your wallets before your weekend of debauchery. It has been an up and down couple of weeks in the football world, mostly downs, and by downs I mean crash and burn with no survivors. I have been keeping my head afloat with baseball and basketball and it is never a good feeling when you are trying to climb out of quick sand but here we are. Luckily, on this beautiful Thursday, I bring good news…. I LOVE THE BOARD. Yes, today is a day to absolutely bury the book and to be honest, this weekend is my favorite board since college basketball season, February 2020, what seems like eons ago. I will give you all those picks on the Pick Em Show and on the blog over the course of the next couple of days but for now, let’s focus up on tonight:

Chicago White Sox – Too much offense from the fellas from Chi Town in this one, they will win this game and win it big. The Athletics have zero bullpen depth right now and if the White Sox can get to that bullpen at a reasonable portion of this game there is telling how many runs they might be able to put on Oakland. The A’s once again will see their exit from the post-season coming at the first possible turn.

San Diego Padres (-1.5 runs) – Look, the Padres are annoying, I play them a hundred times a year in the NL West, they are like that little brother who thinks they can beat you up while you have your hand on their head and they are wildly swinging away. With saying all that, I have to admit they have been better this year and far more exciting, I just don’t see them getting swept with that offensive potential. I love Adam Wainwright but the guy is 63 years old and the Cardinals are rolling him out there in an elimination game throwing eighty-poo miles per hour. I think he gets lit up and the Padres roll, en route to evening this series at one game a piece.

Los Angeles Dodgers (-1.5 runs) – Everybody will be taking the Brewers tonight because Kershaw is on the mound and while Kershaw has been horrific in most of his starts in the post-season, they usually come when the Dodgers have their backs up against the wall. When the Dodgers have a lead in the series, the Kershaw jinx is not as daunting. In game one, the Dodgers played horribly offensively and were still able to cover the -1.5; I don’t know why everyone is making Brandon Woodruff out to be the reincarnation of Bob Gibson but the Dodgers strike early and often in game 2 and Kershaw cruises, Dodgers win this game 6-2.

Jets (PK) – The Jets suck, the Broncos suck, the Broncos are playing a kid who’s never started an NFL game on the road in primetime. Reminder that both of these teams suck and if they played this game in my backyard, I would go inside and close the curtains. The Jets are just a touch better than a team using a first-time quarterback on the road in prime time, so again, SUCK. This game is a pick, plug your noise, close your eyes and go with the Jets. *** Bonus Pick: Over /Under 40 is comically low but it’s going under, these teams couldn’t score forty points on a flag football field. ***

God speed my little degenerates, fly, fly. Go make some money and hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!